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MobiCity Getting Pre-orders For Nokia Lumia 900 And 808 PureView

While our everyday posts referring to the international version of the Nokia Lumia 900 and the original Nokia 808 PureView mainly buycialischeap-storein introduce the situation viagra vs cialis cost in the US, Canada cialis treatment and Europe, the Aussies are left in the dark. This mistake must be corrected immediately. Moreover, there is interesting generic viagra online information coming from one of the biggest Australian online retailers, grubbs pharmacy MobiCity. It turns out the retailer will launch those handsets on May 16 and 21, respectively.

The Nokia Lumia 900 is scheduled to be released first in the UK on May 14, though other European countries will launch it sometime close to that date. Several retailers and other third parties are currently accepting pre-orders for the phone, and they must accuse only one country for this deal—the US how does viagra work video demand exceeded Nokia’s expectations, and that’s why the manufacturer doesn’t manage to produce as many handsets as required.

As for the camera-monster dubbed the Nokia 808 PureView, this handset has not yet got an official launch date, though it’s expected the phone will be available for purchase sometime late in May. That’s not a secret the Nokia 808 PureView is a cameraphone, which comes with 41MP lens. While many can think this is a real camcoder, the manufacturer has though a slogan for it—also a smartphone. Honestly, the Nokia 808 PureView is packed with a list of usefuk features, and the price required by the retailers is quite justified. MobiCity is getting pre-orders for the 808 PureView at AUD$799.

Well, there are only two and three weeks left before the phones will be released in Australia, so let’s wait and hope the dates wouldn’t be pushed back.

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Nokia Lumia 800 Modded For Wireless Charging

The Nokia Lumia 800 is not known for a wireless charging support, but Nokia fans like to experiment with their handsets, and this case is no exception. Though it’s not that easy to make your Nokia Lumia 800 to charge wirelessly, it’s possible.

 The video comes from an enthusiast, Oli Gill who mods his Nokia Lumia 800 to add wireless charging with the help of a Touchstone charger. Of course, after the job the phone will lose its warranty but I guess no one cares about it at this moment.

The author of this modding has had to disassemble its Nokia Lumia 800. In the video below he speeds through this part, but he provides a link in his YouTube description to a wonderful disassembly tutorial. There is a metal inside the phone preventing the charge box to work with the charger, so he uses a Dremel to remove some of the metal. Afterwards, he mounts the charger inside the phone, solders it, and there you go—the Nokia Lumia 800 charges wirelessly.

It’s highly recommended not to come up with such an experiment, because it’s quite possible you will harm your phone, and at worst it wouldn’t work properly. But if you are inspired of the work Oli Gill has done, then you can watch the video and try it yourself. At the end, if you succeed like the author, let us know results you have reached.


Nokia To Sell Vertu To Permira

Back in December we heard Nokia is going to sell its luxury phone arm. Such rumors were based on a fact Nokia was (is) in a difficult financial situation, and every penny earned from other deals is welcomed. Moreover, Vertu doesn’t justify itself, and Nokia, which mainly focuses on the US and European markets, has completely resigned the Asian market, where the smartphones with this branding can be sold well. As for now, the rumors gain another momentum, and it seems the Finnish company will sell Vertu to the venture capital firm Permira getting $265 million.

The Vertu phones can’t boast of an amazing specs list, because they usually sport mid-range or low-end features, but their housings are covered with gold, while the keys are made of sapphire. As I said such handsets are still welcomed by Asian rich men, say one of sultans wouldn’t save money on buying one of those Vertu smartphones. They do not cost cheap, and the average price of such phones varies around $15.000. You understand there are not that much Vertu devices launched, because each of them is made by hand.

Well, Nokia has already yielded the title of the biggest phone maker to Samsung, but Nokia fans mustn’t be concerned of it because, the Finnish manufacturer has realized the main moneys are circled in the US and in Europe. So it’s better to become a favorite brand in these markets and sell millions of smartphones costing about $150, than be a king in Asia and sell billions of feature phones, average costing of which doesn’t exceed $50. Led by these reasons Nokia will sell Vertu to anyone, undoubtedly, but whether it will be Permira or another company will show the time.


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Nokia Lumia 610 Launched

Everything happened as we have reported—the Nokia Lumia 610 is launched and the first country to shelter it is the Philippines. It seems the sellers prepared everything as expected– the Nokia store looked well decked out.

The Nokia Lumia 610 is the first smartphone running Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh OS that is known as Tango. As you know this version of the platform allows smartphone makers to pack their handsets with weaker hardware. But it doesn’t mean Nokia has huddled all ”unnecessary” features in this little smartphone, vice versa—the Lumia 610 is a perfect example of a low-end smartphone that can compete in the market not being well-armed.

Besides WP Tango OS, you can also find a 3.7-inch Gorilla Glass 2-protected touchscreen, an 800MHz processor, which is enough to provide a smooth performance on this device, only 256MB of RAM, which is the most surprising feature in Lumia 610’s specs list, a 5MP camera that is able to record HD videos a 720p and 30fps, 8GB of internal memory, WiFi hotspot support, and many other goodies.

The required price is 11,000 PHP or about 260 USD, which makes the phone to be the most affordable Windows Phone-powered smartphone available in the market. Other than that, with such a pricing the Nokia Lumia 610 can compete with Android smartphones, and we must admit this can be the main warrior of Nokia in the niche, because HTC’s has a similar smartphone, the One V, which runs Google’s OS. The next countries, where the Lumi  610 will be launched  are China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam. The release in these countries are expected in the following weeks


Amazon UK Offering Nokia Lumia 900

The Nokia Lumia 900’s release in the UK was delayed because of a high demand met in the US. But the viagra online canadian pharmacy official launch date for the UK is officially available, and we know the phone is in a queue to be offered on May 14. The launch date was originally slated to be April 27, but the international variant of the Lumia 900 was not available for purchase. Now when we know when we can get our hands on

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the phone, it’s gladsome to learn Amazon UK joins the party, where initially the party-goers were Clove UK and Carphone Warehouse.

Amazon UK is accepting pre-orders for the Nokia Lumai 900 at £479.99 (about $780 USD), and it is promised to be delivered on May 14. This can be better choice, as Clove UK is getting pre-orders for the same phone at a bit less price, £458.40 (about $745 USD), but this retailer will ship the phone on May 16. Moreover, Amazon will ship the phone with its Super Saver Delivery.

Only you decide which variant to choose—pay less and get it a couple of days later, or pay £30 more and get it on the right date. I personally prefer to pay less, because there is always a chance Amazon’s delivery won’t be in time for all pre-ordered devices. I do not doubt the retailer’s solidarity, but who knows discount pharmacy what can happen.

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Nokia N9 To Get Small But Surprising MeeGo PR 1.3 Update By The End Of May

There is only one handset running Nokia’s experimental operating system called MeeGo, and that handset is the Nokia N9. Today we have already talked about this smartphone introducing you a photo-heavy gallery of the device and the Nokia Purity HD. Now it’s time to talk about its software.

Nokia has pushed out MeeGo PR 1.2 update for all users of the Nokia N9 a few months ago, but those who were thinking this platform will see no updates in the future, should be in confusion, because Nokia has hinted at an upcoming PR 1.3 update.

Interested in this teasing someone from a MeeGo blog was eager to find out what changes it will bring, and whether there are such plans at Nokia. The respond was quite surprising, because the Nokia rep said the update is scheduled for late May launch. Moreover, the company also confirmed the update will be small in size, but there will be many surprising features.

The rep was also asked whether Skype app for the Nokia N9 will support video calling like the Google Talk Video Call app, but the company didn’t give any certain answer. I want to remind you the aforementioned two apps are third-party apps.

Well, the information comes from an unofficial blog, and we must tale with a grain of salt. At the moment, we must through into the category of rumors, but I am almost sure the manufacturer will come up with a confirmation in the near future.

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Nokia N9 With Nokia Purity HD: Tons Of Photos

I guess you’ve simply forgotten about the Nokia N9, while we always must keep it in our minds, because the Lumia line handsets owe a lot this phone. Well, it refers not to the Nokia Lumia 710 and the upcoming Lumia 610, but the other two handsets in face of the Lumia 800 and 900, because THESE smartphones come in the same housing and design, as the N9. We have already talked about their common lineaments and the software differences, and at the moment it’s the right time to pay attention to the Nokia N9, because though this device runs MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan, it doesn’t yield Windows Phone 7 in terms of performance. Of course, no one dares to say MeeGo is better, but I can say it’s not worse than Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

The other device I want to talk about is Nokia Purity HD headsets by Monster that is the main competitor of Dr. Dre’s Beats. On the whole, Nokia has started cooperating with Monster to bring some additional charm to its Lumia smartphones, but as the Nokia N9 is launched in the same colors as the Lumias, the headsets can be used with this smartphone as well.

If you are interested in both devices, then the picture gallery below (46 items) provided by MyNokiaBlog is a perfect gift for you. Moreover, you can also watch the video with participation of the Nokia Purity HD headsets and the Nokia N9, after you can share your thoughts with us.

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Buy White or Cyan Nokia Lumia 900 From Microsoft Stores

The Nokia Lumia 900 first was launched in the US and the exclusive carrier was AT&T. As pills origin online pharmacy I concord pharmacy know its exclusivity will last 45 days and after it the phone can be offered via online pharmacy pakistan other carriers as well. Anyway, this can be more than neccessary, because once the phone was released it started to appear in the smartphone charts, but after a buy phentermine online canadian pharmacy few days the cyan variant disappeared from the stores. Specifically, it got a status ”out of stock”, viagra 100mg cost thus the phone was shipped only to those consumers, who have pre-ordered it much earlier, the others had to wait for a new bunch.

Moreover, the white version of the Lumia 900 was announced to be available for purchase starting from April 22, and many buyers were hoping the manufacturer will bring the cyan model back to the stores on this date as well. Unfortunately, there was no cyan variant available on April 22, plus, the newly launched white Lumia 900 joined online cialis its sibling becoming not available for purchase.

Nokia started justifying itself saying the sales exceeded its expectations, but some people were thinking this is a well-thought campaign and it is made to motivate new consumers. However, I do not want to deepen in it, but want to inform you there is still a chance to buy white, cyan or black Lumia 900s, if you wish.

There are 15 Microsoft stores in the States and all of them are selling the Nokia Lumia 900. Moreover, the phone is available in all three review pharmacy online colors, and Microsoft also comes up with special offers:

Microsoft Assure Bundle Get two years of extended warranty ($49) + Car charger ($30) + Phone case ($20-$30) = $99 – $109, you pay only $49!

Zune Music Pass Bundle Get the warranty ($49) + Charger ($30) + Case ($20-$30) + 1 year Zune Pass ($99) = $198 – $208, you pay only $99!

So if you have been wishing to get this phone, but there was no opportunity to buy it, this is the most acceptable variant for this moment.

Nokia Lumia 900 Vs HTC Titan II

AT&T has two Windows Phone smartphones that can be compared with any Android device and win the race. I am talking about the Nokia Lumia 900 and the HTC Titan II. Both handsets run Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, but the rest of features are quite different. That’s why the carrier requires $199.99 for the Titan II and $99.99 for the Nokia Lumia 900, though if you are a newcomer, the latter will cost you nothing. Well, PhoneDog has posted a two-part video, where it compares these handsets.

Before you watch the videos below, I recommend you to take a quick look at the features the smartphones come equipped with. So the Nokia Lumia 900 is packed with a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen, which is protected by Gorilla Glass 2 technology, plus ClearBlack Display ensures perfect view under the direct sun lights. Moreover, there is also a 1.4GHz processor with 512MB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory, which cannot be expanded because of Microsoft’s chassis, an 8MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics, Led flash and autofocus, a frontal camera, Visual voicemail support, WiFi hotspot functionality, and so on.

As for the HTC Titan II, it comes with a 4.7-inch touchcsreen, though there are no technologies the display can boast of, a 1.5GHz processor, a 16MP camera with dual-LED flash and autofocus, which is the key feature of the phone, a 1.3MP camera on the front for web chat, 16GB of native storage and so on.

As you see both handsets have a list of features to enter the arena not quailing.

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Nokia Lumia 900’s Launch In UK Delayed Because Of Overwhelming Demand In US

Most likely, many of you are asking why Nokia has not yet launched the Lumia 900 in the UK. That’s a question that must be clarified by the manufacturer, and it did. According to, Nokia has not launched the phone in the country, because the overwhelming demand for the Lumia 900 in the US with AT&T has, unfortunately, had a small knock-on effect on product availability in the UK.

The rep said the Nokia Lumia 900 sales numbers exceeded expectations and the company is currently doing its best to cover the orders. However, it seems the manfuacturer really doesn’t manage to meet the demand in the States, because the two colors of the phone—white and cyan—still are out of stock.

Well, we already know the launch date of the Nokia Lumia 900 in the UK is set to be May 14. On this date Phones4U will be offering the HSPA+ variant of the phone to its consumers, though the pricing is not announced yet. Most likely, other retailers will join the party on the date, though Carphone Warehouse and Clove UK have mentioned other release date for the handset.

Honestly, I doubt the Finnish manufacturer is not managing to produce more than consumers are ordering. I mean maybe it’s a promotional campaign, or what’s worse, the company is taking a revenge  from the US for last years, where it was completely ignored. However, I think the UK shouldn’t suffer from the US’s behavior, because this market always was kind to Nokia.