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Nokia Lumia 900 With Windows Phone 8 Coming To Oman In Q3, 2012

The Nokia Lumia 900 is launched in many countries, but Nokia is the company that will be trying to release it in as many markets as possible. All in all, the Lumias have been initially designed in the way to satisfy all kind of users. I mean it looks outstanding, it sports many unique apps that are available only for Nokia Lumia smartphones, and it runs Windows Phone operating system, which opens doors to the high-end smartphone market for many countries with low incomes. One of such countries is Oman, which is going to launch the Nokia Lumia 900 in Q3, 2012.

Dr Manmohan Singh Rehsi, Director, Computers, Office Automation and Telecommunication division of Mohsin Haider Darwish LLC told the Observer; ” The Lumia series of smart phones built on the Microsoft Windows platform will hit the Omani market soon. Lumia has already launched worldwide and is doing very well towards the target of one million smart phones. Its Middle East launch is bit delayed as we are waiting for its Arabic version to come out which is expected by third quarter. That will totally change the smart phone segment in the region. We still have a huge loyal customer base in the region and I’m sure this loyalty will help the Lumia series which is cheapest in the market.”

It’s also expected the Arabic support will come only with Windows Phone 8. And if taking into account the launch date mentioned by Rehsi, it matches with the release date of Windows Phone 8 OS. Thus we can wait for the Lumia 900 running Apollo in middle-east between July and September.


Nokia Lumia 800 Vs iPhone 4: Turn-by-Turn Directions

Nokia Lumia smartphones differ from other handsets not only by their design, but also by Nokia Collection apps. As you know these apps are available only for Nokia handsets, and though most of them are made for Windows Phone OS, other WP-powered devices can’t download and install them. Such a set of apps makes the Lumias stand out, and those consumers who want to try something else besides Android and iOS, or want something more will surely switch to the Nokia Lumia. It’s already happening, because the latest data show Nokia strengthens its positions, and we must admit this success is mainly conditioned with Nokia Collection. Now I want to talk about one of such apps—Nokia’s turn-by-turn navigation system.

Nokia has already updated Nokia Transport, Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps, thus the test was taken with the latest version of the system. At first, I want to say the video below is official and made by #SmokedByWindowsPhone. The main purpose of the video is to show which phone will come up with turn-by-turn directions faster to the London Eye. The Nokia Lumia 800 with Nokia Drive and the iPhone 4 with a third party application are chosen for testing.

The Nokia Lumia 800 is able to access the turn-by-turn directions in 15.24 seconds, while the iPhone 4 was still trying to access the info. Moreover, there are no vocal directions or turn-by-turn navigation for the iPhone 4, while Nokia Drive gives users chance to use male of female voice for navigation.


Rovio Redesigning Angry Birds For Nokia Lumia 610

 Probably Angry Birds is the most beloved mobile game nowadays, and when people buy a handset they take it into account whether their new phone or tablet will be able to run this game. Unfortunately, it is not available for all handsets, though seems Rovio has created it to work on all platforms. Even Asha series handsets that run S40 OS are able to provide it to their consumers. But what an irony—the first Windows Phone 7.5 Tango smartphone can’t run it because of a small RAM.

Besides Angry Birds the Nokia Lumia 610 is unable to work with other awesome apps and games like Skype and PES or a video call app Tango, but this is not the fault of Nokia or Microsoft, because when this handset was going to be launched, Microsoft warned 5% of Marketplace apps will be incompatible with the handset. But no one knew the software giant had persuaded developers to redesign their apps to be compatible with this smartphones. Thus if a certain app from Marketplace is unable to run on the Nokia Lumia 610 you must accuse only the developers in it, because they idled and didn’t optimized their products for the 256MB handsets.

However, the mistake is going to be corrected in the near future, because many of those app making companies have some obligations in front of Microsoft. As of Rovio, it has already announced via comment they are working on the optimized variant of Angry Birds, and the game will be available for the Nokia Lumia 610 as soon as possible.


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List of Apps Incompatible With Nokia Lumia 610

Recently we have been talking much about the Nokia Lumia 610 and other 256MB smartphones, because Microsoft’s promises as many useful apps and games like Skype and Angry Birds will be work on them proved to be untrue. Earlier Microsoft has announced that almost 5% of MarketPlace apps wouldn’t be able to be installed on those devices, but the company didn’t mention what apps will be in that list. Now when many Lumia 610 owners are at a loss, took a responsibility on it and published the list of those apps that can’t be installed on the Lumia 610.

Below you can see that list, and though it is too long, we hope some of them will become available for the Nokia Lumia 610 later, as the developers would redesign them to be installed on this phone.

  • Skype
  • Tango
  • Sid Meier;s Pirates
  • PES 2012
  • NFS Hot Pursuit
  • Let’s Golf 2
  • Angry Birds
  • Plant vs Zombies
  • Deer Hunter 3D
  • Monopoly
  • Navigon
  • Nokia City Lens
  • Navigon
  • Iberia Navigation GPS Tuner
  • Navigation Europe GPS Tuner
  • Brain ByeBye
  • Hi Dodonpac maximum
  • NFS: Hot Pursuit
  • Fragger
  • Bug Village
  • MiniSquadron
  • Doodle God
  • Spider Jack
  • Lets Golf 2
  • Orbital
  • Collapse
  • IonBallEX
  • Cro-Mag Rally
  • Beards & Beaks
  • Tentacles
  • Hydro Thunder GO
  • Fable: Coin Golf
  • Brain Challenge HD
  • Halo Waypoint
  • Assassin’s Creed
  • Glyder: Worlds of Adventure
  • The Harvest
  • The Sims 3
  • Rocket Riot
  • Bejeweled Live

As you see here are the most attractive apps available in MarketPlace, so if these apps are very important to you as a smartphone user, you’d better think twice before acquiring the Nokia Lumia 610.

32GB Nokia Lumia 900 At O2 Denied

The other day we told you the Nokia Lumia 900 will be launched in Germany via O2. Afterwards we learned the launch date of the phone is set to be some day later this month. But the most amazing news became available ony yesterday, when we saw the Lumia 900 shown on the mobile operator’s web site with 32GB storage aboard. This touched many people and everyone’s attention was directed to this market. However, during a day we heard two contradictory information directly from O2, but now seems everything is in its place.

Firstly, it was said O2 Germany had tweeted as its own variant of the Nokia Lumia 900 will be launched sporting 32GB of native storage. It made many of us remember all the cases when German market was offering Windows Phone handsets with larger capacity than usual. We also started talking about possible super benefits the mobile operator can get. But before the day ends, we were informed O2 has corrected the info on its web page, and now the Nokia Lumia 900 is listed as a smartphone that features 16GB of internal memory like other markets.

Seems the jumble disappeared and now we can note the actual advantages of this model that will be launched in Germany. If you are unaware, it is the color the Lumia 900 will come in.

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Besides the standard black and cyan paint jobs, the phone will be launched in glossy white, which is one of the most attractive colors available in the market.


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New Waterproof Technology Coming To Lumias

Nokia Lumia handsets are known for their unique design and ruggedness. But the Finnish company always comes with innovations. It helps the company not to lose its authority even when the popularity is lost. The same thing happened during past three years. As you know Nokia began losing the title of the phone market king starting 2009. But it continues introducing new technologies and improving its ecosystem. That’s why Nokia’s smartphones had the highest rate of eco-friendly devices. Currently other manufacturers are trying to imitate the Finnish company, but the latter is a step forward. As of now, we have other amazing news heard during the Nokia Lumia 610 launch in London. At the event Conor Pierce, Vice President of Nokia Western Europe unveiled the Superhydrophopic technology that makes your phone waterproof.

The original statement reads:

The biggest challenge is making nanostructures robust enough to withstand every day wear and tear. You could put a superhydrophobic coating inside a device now because people can’t degrade it, it can’t get knocked around in your pocket. To put it on the outside is much, much tougher. But you want it on the outside because that’s where you see the effects of keeping your phone really clean.

The video below shows what this new technology means. According to Inquirer, this technology

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will become standard on all future Nokia Pureview and Lumia Windows Phone smartphones. Thus you can expect the Nokia handsets will be the most rugged devices.

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Nokia Lumia 900 Offered Via Unlocked Mobiles At £445

The Nokia Lumia 900 is so popular that it is offered not only via mobile operators, but via retailers as well. Sometime the latter come up with attractive offers, and users prefer to get the phones unlocked than on contract. Most likely, Unlocked Mobiles’ offer is from them. The retailer joins Amazon and Clove UK and is selling the Lumia 900 for £445.98 off contract.

The Nokia Lumia 900 sports many amazing specs, and those who are not obsessed with Android or iOS, but are able to buy a handset judging objectively, this will be a perfect option for them. The phone is packed with a 4,7-inch AMOLED touchscreen, a 1,4GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, 16GB of native storage, an 8MP rear camera, a 1,3MP frontal camera, Windows Phone 7,5 Mango and so on.

The device is already available in many countries via many carriers and retailers, so each additional third party must come up with a special offer to be able to snatch some consumers. On the other hand, this was Nokia’s plan—to convince the first time users, the Nokia Lumia handsets don’t yield other phones, and those who want alternative option, can calmly get them.

However, the phone was launched in the UK with a little delay, because the company met a high demand in the US. To avoid unnecessary conversations, the sellers decided to offer free Purity headphones with the Lumia 900. At the moment, I can’t say whether this maneuver worked, but the Lumia 900 continues selling well, reportedly.

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Nokia Phi Leaked In Test With Windows Phone 8 Out Of Box

There are only two carriers in the US that are offering Nokia Windows Phone handsets—T-Mobile is selling the Nokia Lumia 710, while the Lumia 800 is offered by AT&T. But it doesn’t mean other carrier will stay without any Nokia handset in the future. We have already heard there is the Nokia

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Fluid tested for Verizon. What’s interesting this handset will run Windows Phone 8 Apollo. As for now, there is another leak showing Big Red and T-Mobile will be launching the Nokia Phi.

This phone has been seen in the WP Bench benchmark results page. It was running build 8.0.9698.0, which means we are dealing with the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system.

Unfortunately, there is no hint whether those two handsets are the same phone, or they are different and designed for different carriers, but the Windows Phone Developer Summit is around the corner. The event will be kicking off on June 20, and it will be the best opportunity to know something about upcoming Nokia Windows Phone 8 handsets.

On the whole, we have already heard some rumors the new Windows Phone 8 handsets of Nokia will look similar to the N9/Lumia800&900. Of course, there will be some little changes too, say the Nokia Phi can sport a larger screen. Moreover, it’s possible for Windows Phone OS even now, because the HTC Titan and its successor are packed with a 4,7-inch touchscreens. However, the launch date of Windows Phone 8 is nearing and the closer it is the more we’ll learn.


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Windows Phone Tango ROM For Lumia 800 Leaked

Some Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 smartphones were launched with unlocked bootloaders.  They helped developers to create some custom ROMs, though until today we saw only Tango ROMs for the Lumia 710. Probably it was related with the fact only this handset was leaked with Tango aboard. But now when the Nokia Lumia 800 has been seen in Bangkok running Windows Phone 7.5 Tango, it’s only matter of time when devs will come up with custom ROMs. Moreover, there is already one developer created RainbowMod for the Lumia 800, which is a custom ROM based on a Chinese firmware.

Built on Windows Phone “Tango” (7.10.8773.98) RainbowMod is shipped with both English (US) and Russian languages. The dev has configured the Qualcomm boot loader on the Lumia 800, and now it comes with:

  • Full Unlock from UltraShot
  • Removed OEM applications (Nokia Drive, Maps, etc.)
  • Search key remapping
  • QuickLaunch menu for quick switching state of WiFi, 3G, Flight mode, Power save, etc.
  • Ability to access file system via WiFi/USB
  • Integrated Live ID, DppImplant no longer needed, but new key can also be banned
  • Orientation locker
  • Added multiple colour themes
  • Easy installation xap from browser or file manager
  • Unlocked Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts (limitation of Chinese firmware)
  • Added Google and Yandex search engines
  • xb0xmod cert for cab-updates
  • Cab-updatable
  • Lots of minor changes
  • Updatability via Zune (not guaranteed)

The only thing you should know is the fact teh author doesn’t own the Lumia 800 handset, thus the ROM can damage your phone.


Nokia Is The Number One Smartphone Vendor In Finland

If Nokia has lost its market share in the whole smartphone market, it still dominates in Finland, and it’s reasonable. IDC has published interesting data concerning the Finnish smartphone market, and turns out Nokia had a 41 percent market share in Q1, 2012 increasing this indicator by 10 points in only 6 months.

While you can be surprised at such a turn, analysts and professionals have their own explanation. One of them Elisa’s Business Director, Henri Korpi said Windows Phone was a good replacement for Symbian, as a result many people who were unpleased with the strategy other manufacturers run, had delayed their purchases in order to get a new Lumia. This helped the Finnish company to increase its sales in the country.

IDC mentions Nokia Lumias are good for both businesses and consumers. TeliaSonera Finland’s Consumer Group Vice President Juha Knoblock said on this occasion:

“Finland is a clear sign of faithful people who want to be happy to buy a Nokia. When it was known that there will be a new range customers certainly shifted their purchases to wait for the new models coming from Nokia.”

According to him, Samsung, Apple and Nokia have the best sales numbers and this trend will continue in the future, while the smaller brands like ZTE, Sony Ericsson and Huawei will be losing their market share. I guess Nokia will benefit in autumn when Microsoft launches Windows 8 Apollo, as all the current WP Mango handsets will be updated to that version.


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