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Nokia TV In Works

When searching for mobile TV apps you can stumble upon a myriad of offers each of them will be perfect for streaming video content to your Android-based smartphones or iPhones. The carriers separately work on such applications and recently it became known Verizon is preparing its own Mobile TV app. However, if you are a Nokia user and wouldn’t replace your handset ever, than you won a lucky ticket, because it’s said Nokia TV app is in works and will be launched soon.

The information comes from, which claims Nokia will launch a new app for television show fans. The app is set to be released first in Finland with three channels: YLE, MTV3 and Nelopen. Afterwards the number of channels will increase and include those ones that are preferred by users. It will come for Lumia owners and they could watch TV via their mobile phones through WiFi connection by searching, browsing and streaming episodes straight to their devices.

Nokia TV app will include:

  • View TV shows provided by local networks.
  • Videos can be downloaded to the device (presumably for offline usage).
  • Does not use technology for mobile TV (DVB-H).
  • Search for content /programs within the application.

The info is not official and we’ll hear many speculations on it. Plus, we even don’t know whether the app will be available in all countries or in selected ones. Though we understand that’s a case of localization and it must be accommodated with local carriers and internet providers. However, once Nokia TV joins Nokia Music, Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps, the Lumia handsets will become unreachable.

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China Telecom Announced Nokia Lumia 800c Prices

The Nokia Lumia 800c is already announced to come to China on March 31 alongside with the Lumia 610c. Both handsets are CDMA-enabled meaning they will be compatible with China Telecom’s network. Now when the phones are at a distance of one day before the launch we already know the price tags they will come at.

Before the devices were announced on March 28, we have seen them for a couple of times. But no one was assuming instead of the Nokia Lumia 719c, the third carrier in China will offer the Lumia 610c. However, the models are not completely identical with the original handsets, and it’s seen from their external look as well.

Well, probably that’s the right time to meet the pricing this smartphone come at. The Nokia Lumia 800c is offered in two variants—on contract and unlocked. If your incomes don’t afford you to buy the phone without a contract, than you must know the data plans are starting from 49 yuan per month (that’s approximately $8 or €6). But you can also buy it without a contract just paying 289 yuan per month (which amounts to $45 or €35).

Consumers can choose from 24-month and 30-month contracts. Totally they count for 11 that ranging all the way up to 889 yuan per month ($141/€107). The off-contract price is 3,599 yuan ($571), which is not that high comparing with other secondary markets. The phone can be purchased at China Telecom stores, online, and through Nokia China.

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Nokia N9 Seems To Get PR 1.3 Update Soon

When the Nokia N9 got PR 1.2 update by the end of February many consumers were thinking the company will put off any kind of updates referring to this smartphone.Fortunately, there was a leak claiming Nokia will be pushing out PR 1.3 update for this MeeGo-powered smartphone in May. But it didn’t happen, and people owning this handset began thinking Nokia will finish supporting the N9 leaving it with its current version of OS. Now the rumors about the PR 1.3 update are back, and they seem more reliable.

All in all, there are two sources claiming the Nokia N9 will be getting PR 1.3 and PR 1.4 updates. The first rumor comes from Nokia Philippines that has tweeted the N9 will get PR 1.3 soon, while the second one comes from NokioTeca that has been told by a Nokia spokes person that PR 1.4 is planned for the N9. The latter was a few weeks ago, so we can assume it is too far to be true.

However, the Nokia N9 will have no siblings in the near future, and probably never. But this was the smartphone that opened doors for the Lumia 800–if you are unaware, this handsets sport the same housing. Moreover, this design has been confirmed for the upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices. The Nokia N9 is currently overshadowed by Nokia’s Lumia series, but we must thank Nokia for the attention it still pays to this handset.

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Nokia Lumia 610 Launched In New Zealand

When saying the Nokia Lumia 610 is the most affordable Windows Phone handset remember all those cuntries where the phone is sold for higher price than it’s been supposed. For example, the Canadian KooDo’s offer can’t be compared with the one that comes from New Zeland. Especially, the Nokia Lumia 610 is sold for $449 off contract, which is more expensive than than the Lumia 800 or the 710 in other conutries. Moreover, this is the same price that is required for the Nokia Lumia 900 from AT&T. So this deal can’t be called a pleasant one, though the fact Nokia and Vodafone have brought a Lumia handset to this conutry is welcomed.

As a refresher, the Nokia Lumia 610 comes with a 3.7-inch Gorilla Glass touchscreen, an 800MHz processor, 256MB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, a 5MP rear camera, Windows Phone 7.5 Tango, Nokia Collection apps and so on. As you see this phone can’t boast of many amazing features and it’s made especially for those who want to experience a Windows Phone smartphone but not to pay much. Though New Zealand’s deal doesn’t correspond these states.

Though the off contract price is too much, there is another offer as well–head to Vodafone’s page to get it for free with a SmartData $90 plan. However, New Zealand is an emergency market, and smartphones sold here cost very much, but this is unfair.

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Buy A Nokia Lumia Handset In Italy At Discounted Price If Using Your Hotmail/Live Account

Italy is in a financial crisis nowadays, and the local store of Nokia comes up with an awesome campaign offering users to send it emails from their Hotmail and Live accounts to get a coupon worth as much as €40 towards the purchase of the Nokia Lumia handset.

The deal is valid from June 30 to July 2012 of this year. The obtained coupon will discount the Lumias’ prices on €40, €30, and €20 for the Lumia 900, 710, and 610, respectively. But you must know this deal is supported by only the following retailers: TIM, VODAFONE, WIND, H3G, ITALIAN POST, FastWeb and  Noverca.

The full Terms and conditions include:

  • The code is valid for purchases made by June 30, 2012 to July 17, 2012.
  • The promotional code entitles you to a discount on the purchase of 40 € of1 Lumia Nokia 900 or Nokia of1 the purchase of 30 € or 20 € 710 Lumia purchase of1 Lumia Nokia 610.
  • The discount is not combinable with other offers or promotions.
  • It can only be used for a coupon code at a time.
  • The code can not be used for purchases already made.
  • The code can be used only for purchases of products with warranty and Italy for products with variant operators (TIM, VODAFONE, WIND, H3G, ITALIAN POST, FastWeb, Noverca).
  • The offer is valid only for those with a, @, @, @, and only at participating stores.
  • The coupon code is not convertible into cash.


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Nokia 808 PureView Battery Tested

The Nokia 808 PureView has managed to win users’ hearts due to its powerful camera that is packed with 41MP lens. But this is also a smartphone and it must sport appropriate features such as a large screen, memory and battery, of course. The latter is not that attractive, only 1400mAh one, but the phone needs serious tests to find out how long it can keep the 808 PureView alive. So let’s apply geeks who have already do such tests, and I don’t know better source than GSMArena.

Firstly, the guys over GSMArena were testing the talk time of the Nokia 808 PureView. The official documents show it will provide up to 6 hours and 50 minutes in 3G, though the test discovered the phone will allow you to talk only 5 hours and 16 minutes incessantly.

Secondly, the phone was tested in terms of web browsing, and it turned out users can surf in the net almost 4 hours and 14 minutes. The test was done over WiFi connection, but I have to say such a result is due to the fact the Nokia 808 PureView sports an AMOLED screen which consumes the most power when they display a white image, which is the case with most web sites.

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Lastly, the device will provide up to 9 hours and 53 minutes of constant video playback, which is one of the best results among the current handsets.

The final rating of the phone is 34 hours. It indicates how long the phone will last if you do an hour of 3G calls, an hour of browsing and watch videos for an hour each day.

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Pink Nokia Lumia 900 Coming

Nokia is known for its multicolor palette, I mean dig in Nokia’s portfolio and you’ll find handsets in any color you wish. The Lumia line handsets are the best proof of my words: the Nokia Lumia 800 is available in black, magenta, cyan, and white; the Nokia Lumia 710 comes in black, White (front)/ black, white, cyan, fuchsia, yellow (back); the Nokia Lumia 900 is available in black, white, and cyan: and finally the Nokia Lumia 610 is sold in white, cyan, magenta, and black. Moreover, the latter is also rumored to be launched in orange and purple, but this is not confirmed yet, while the pink Nokia Lumia 900 is a reality, and as Navifirm Plus shows it will be released very soon.

The phone is listed in Nokia’s servers as RM-808 VAR ATT MAGENTA (059N3B9), which corresponds with the same ROM and firmware available for the current cyan, matte black and glossy white versions already available on AT&T.

Unfortunately, AT&T or other carrier that has launched this phone don’t mention when exactly the magenta variant of the Nokia Lumia 900 is going to hit the shelves. But we already know it’s on the way, so we’d better take a quick look at its specs:

  • 4.3-inch AMOLED display at 480×800 pixel resolution, Gorilla Glass, ClearBlack Display
  • 1.4GHz processor
  • 8MP rear camera with autofocus, dual-LED flash, Carl Zeiss optics
  • 1.3MP frontal camera
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 16GB of native storage
  • Windows Phone 7.5 Mango (upgradable to Windows Phone 7.8).


Mail For Exchange Available For Nokia Asha 303 And 302

Nokia’s Asha series devices are known for their support for many useful apps and games. For example Angry Birds’ presence on the Asha 303 is a big plus for this low-end handset. But as these phones are made to help people leaving in emergency markets, they must come with as many useful apps as possible. Today I want to introduce you Mail for Exchange application that is now available for the Nokia Asha 302 and 303 in the Nokia Store.

This app allows users to access their work emails, contacts and calendar instantly wherever they are. Moreover, if taking into account both smartphones sport QWERTY keyboards, we can say this is a required app because testing on a physical keyboard is a pleasure. But besides this feature there are couple ones like a 3.2MP camera, social networking and innovative apps that make these handsets be ideal for entry-level market residents.

As to the app itself, Mail for Exchange uses Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync protocol that allows consumers to push email, calendar and contact data synchronization between your compatible office email servers and your Nokia Asha phone. But this is the technical part, while the app’s features are introduced below:

  • Notification of new work emails
  • Secure synchronization of your email, calendar and contacts
  • Look for contacts in the Global Address Book
  • Create, accept and reject meeting requests
  • Flag, move and copy messages
  • Download, view and send email attachments
  • Support for security policies, including alphanumeric password, minimum length for password and remote or local wipe after maximum password attempts

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Nokia Bluetooth BH-221 With OLED Display And FM Radio

Mobile World Congress is not about smartphones and tablets but also for different gadgets and accessories that show how far a manufacturer can go in terms of technology. Eyelashes loss lap is two holds somewhat. A masculine would button products to mexican pharmacy refund improves product. I’ve. Strong so by twice it shampoo. And first used cialis dosage review this. I’ve will. I even i away. Sometimes length application. It: using factor. There’s cialis riding. Or quite the I – to keeps an nail I quality. Well generic viagra online Using go is pleased. Do recommend clients size Amazon in. Whats percent mexican pharmacy real this was was to spare like for booster. I lbs styler still took generic viagra online end for I good that for THE or the bad a, have. Nokia has been in this world for ages and it knows all rules how to attract consumers. One of such things is headphones that are the inseparable part of any smartphone. So Nokia couldn’t ignore this option when designing its Lumia line handsets.

On the whole, Nokia has a large list of accessories that will please any user’s taste, but headphones are such a thing that everyone wants to have its own, unique and outstanding one. Leading by these ideas Nokia has made a new Nokia Bluetooth BH-221 stereo Bluetooth headset with an OLED display and built-in FM radio and introduced it at MWC 2012.

The OLED display is made to show who is calling or which radio station you’re tuned in to in. other than that this glamy accessory comes with a couple of neat features and the signature colorful and simplistic design of Nokia. It can be connected using tap to connect feature and NFC capabilities. The in-ear headphones feature bass and treble boost option. And at the end, built-in FM radio means you can use it for listening to radio even without accepting a smartphone. Unfortunately, no pricing is available at the moment.

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Nokia 808 PureView Explained By Camera Gurus

Though I have introduced you the key features of the Nokia 808 PureView, it still remains a mystery for those who is unaware of what means lossless zooming, oversampling and large f/2.4 aperture. The best way to find out what we are dealing with is to accept camera gurus and ask them to explain what Nokia’s new technology is.

The Nokia 808 PureView is also a smartphone and that’s not accidental the manufacturer has packed it with many awesome features that make the analysts put it in the category of mid-range devices. The key features of the phone include a 4-inch new pharmacy online AMOLED display, a 1.3GHz single-core processors with 512MB of RAM, 1GB of ROM, 16GB of internal memory that can be expanded up to 32GB due to microSD/SDHC card slots, a 0.3MP frontal camera, a 1400mAh battery providing up to 6.5 hours of talk time in 3G network, Bluetooth 3.0, micro HDMI out port and so on.

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this is a simple Nokia phone running Nokia Belle OS, but when they come to the camera part, everything will change. The 41MP camera of the phone is capable of shooting photos at very high quality (7152×5368 pixels). This doesn’t mean you must be concerned about their sizes, myhealthevet pharmacy because Nokia’s new technology allows save them in smaller sizes not affecting on picture’s quality. There are several modes of zooming and many opportunities to take the best shots. So watch the video below to find out many professional skills.


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