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Nokia Carla Screenshots Leaked

Where are the people claiming Nokia Belle is the latest version of Symbian OS? Nokia has announced it would support Symbian operating system till 2016, and it would be simplicity to think Nokia will leave million users without updates. Well, now

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when I free my temper, I can calmly make all Symbian smartphone users happy with the info that Nokia Belle screenshots have been leaked.

As you know Nokia calls the versions of its native platform with women names—Symbian ANNA, Nokia BELLE, and as for now, Nokia CARLA. The next version must be called Nokia Donna.

The pics come from Nokianesia, which was surprised this morning, when opened its email box and found out a set of screenshots that are nothing more than Nokia Carla OS view. The unknown source had also said this version of the operating system will be pushed out only for the Nokia 700, 701, 603, and the Nokia 808 Pureview, thus the first generation Symbian^3 smartphones wouldn’t be able to be updated to it. That’s the most disappointing news for today, because it means the Nokia N8, E7, C7 or the C6-01 will stick with Nokia Belle. So if the people I was angry at the beginning of the story had said Nokia Belle would be the last one for these handsets, I’d save my nerves.

Well, from the screenshots we can see that the on-screen QWERTY keyboard is changed a lot, the lock screen has no unlock button, the Nokia Browser looks differently, and the UI of the Music player and the Options screen also received facelifts. Shortly, there are many changes resembling MeeGo Harmattan and Windows Phone UIs.

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White Nokia Lumia 900 Coming On April 22

The Nokia Lumia 900 is going to become the most attractive smartphone of AT&T. The phone is perfect and the specs list it comes with is plummy, but at the moment I want to talk about another feature. The white variant of the Lumia 900 has been announced for a long time, and even there was a time when Microsoft was accepting pre-orders for the phone. Afterwards this project was canceled and people have been thinking the phone may not be launched ever. However, one of the selling points the Lumias have got is the color range they come in. As for now we already know the launch date of the white Nokia Lumia 900—it’s April 22.

On the whole, in this sense the most successful smartphone is the Lumia 610, which has been leaked in six colors—black, white, cyan, pink, orange, and purple. Other Lumia line smartphones don’t have such an arrangement, but they are available in several colors as well. For example, the Nokia Lumia 800 is sold in black, cyan, magenta, and white (plus, glossy white). Its sibling dubbed the Nokia Lumia 710 is currently offered in black, white (front)/ black, white, cyan, fuchsia, and yellow (back). The Lumia 900 is set to be launched in black and cyan. The white option is added only today.

As you see the Lumias are colorful and each consumer can choose something fitting its taste. However, the diversity of colors doesn’t refer only to Lumia series, because Nokia uses this strategy on many of its smartphones, for example, the Nokia N8 was launched in dark grey, silver white, green, blue, orange, pink, and bronze.


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AT&T Announced Nokia Lumia 900 Coming On April 8

Yesterday was a great day for AT&T subscribers, as the carrier announced that its two high-end smartphones, the Nokia Lumia 900 and the HTC Titan II will be launched on April 8. The HTC Titan II will be sold for $199.99 on contract, while the Nokia Lumia 900’s price is $99.99 on contract.

Both handsets run Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, though the Nokia Lumia 900 supports LTE, which is the phone’s key feature. Other than that the Lumia 900 sports a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display, a 1.4GHz processor with 512MB of RAM, an 8MP rear camera with Carl Zeiss optics and dual-Led flash meaning the camera is perfect when taking snaps in dark conditions, a 1.3MP camera on the front intended for web chat, 16GB of internal memory, and so on.

The design of the Nokia Lumia 900 is similar to the Lumia 800, though we must note the designers have worked hard to keep the main lineaments of the first Nokia Windows Phone smartphones.

The pre-orders will start on March 30 and those who make their phones on this date will be the first ones getting their hands on the Lumia 900. At the end, this is one of the most anticipated smartphones of Nokia not only in Europe (I mean its GSM variant), but also in the US, which has refused Nokia’s handsets for years. The pioneer was the Lumia 710 launched via T-Mobile, and now with launch of this high-end smartphone, Nokia gets a chance to get back its authority.

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International Nokia Lumia 900 Officially Announced

MWC 2012 is welcomed by Nokia fans as well. The manufacturer has unveiled a number of anticipated handsets a few hours ago. About the Lumia 610 we have already managed to talk about, now it’s the international Lumia 900’s turn.

The worldwide model of the AT&T’s Lumia 900 is similar to the original one with one exception –the LTE radio is replaced with DS-HSPA one. Though when the phone is launched in Canada via Rogers, it will sport the same LTE radio. However, Nokia has big hopes with this handset and not in vain, because the Lumia 900 is very powerful and even with its single-core processor clocked at just 1.4GHz, this handset makes a real competition to many dual-core and quad-core handsets and provides smooth experience. Of course, the main “guilty” in this situations Windows Phone OS.

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The rest of specs include a 4.3-inch WVGA ClearBlack AMOLED display, an 8MP rear-facing camera with Carl Zeiss optics and LED flash, a frontal camera for face-to-face talk, 1800mAh battery and polycarbonate unibody construction.

There are a myriad of changed if compared with other Windows Phone handsets, and though WP still doesn’t support dual-core processors or other necessary features, this platform is full of useful features. On the other hand, Nokia has added a lot of apps that are available only for Windows Phone platform and only for its own handsets.

The Lumia 900’s international version will be launched in a list of countries and in China as well, and the rumored price will be about 480 Euro ($645).


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Nokia To Unveil Two Windows Phone 8 Devices On September 5

Last month Microsoft announced the next gen Windows Phone OS dubbed Apollo. As you remember this mobile operating system was revealed with many amazing features and many Nokia haters started talking about a possible dethroning of Android and iOS. Of course, it’s too early to talk about such things, but I personally believe it will happen sometime. This doesn’t mean Nokia will surpass Apple or Samsung, but I mean Windows Phone 8 as a platform will be on town and country pharmacy more handsets than Android and iOS. The only way this can happen is related with OEMs, thus if the top manufacturers decide to launch WP-powered devices as actively

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as they have been doing with Android, than Apple has no chances. All the answers to these online pharmacy viagra questions will be given on September 5, when Microsoft will be announcing some new features of the upcoming OS. But buy generic cialis online what’s more interesting for us is the rumor, Nokia will be unveiling two new Windows Phone 8 smartphones at the event.

As we have already talked about a few spotted Lumia handsets, we can assume those two devices can carry the names heard earlier. For example, one of them can viagra sublingual be the Nokia Lumia 1001, and contraindications of viagra the second one can be the improved variant of the Lumia 900 leaked as the Lumia 910, 920 or 950.

Still there were no rumors whether Nokia will be launching a PureView handset running Windows Phone 8, moreover, WPDang has said they can’t confirm whether this can happen the Nokia World on cialisonline-genericrxed September 5. Simply this means we mustn’t keep waiting for a Lumia PureView smartphone at the event.

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Pink Nokia Lumia 900 Available

There are many smartphone users who are tired of conversations praising the iPhone and do not like Android at all. I am one of them, though this doesn’t mean I love Windows Phone, absolutely no! My attitude towards Windows Phone is loyal, I mean everything I write about this OS, I try to introduce it objectively. Honestly, I think this software deserves more market share, and when Microsoft came up with Windows Phone 7, I was one of those that believed this platform will succeed. Now when Microsoft has already announced Windows Phone 8 and we know what awesome features it will bring, I am afraid Nokia can lose its positions in the future market, where WP will dominate. That’s why I am not happy that AT&T has launched the pink Nokia Lumia 900. I am not happy even when I learned it is offered for the half price we have been waiting for.

If you still

don’t get what I mean, I want to say the Lumia 900 is already in the past, and the true Nokia fans are waiting for news referring to Windows Phone 8 devices. Say I’d like to hear how Nokia confirms the leaked Lumia 1001.

Unfortunately or fortunately, today we have to confirm the existence of the pink Lumia 900 in stores of AT&T. As I’ve said the phone is available at $49.99, though we have been waiting the carrier will require the same price what it did when the cyan,black/white model was launched. Luckily AT&T has dropped the the price of the pink Nokia Lumia 900 by half.


Nokia 808 PureView Unboxing Video

From the very first day the Nokia 808 PureView was introduced, this phone is grabbing all possible and impossible prizes. Firstly, it was recognized as the best gadget unveiled at MWC 2012. Secondly, it became a revolution in Mobile Imagining by

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TIPA. Thirdly, Nokia launched the promotional video of the phone made by itself. But this is not the all, as if I start praising this phone, it will several days, so let’s pay our attention at the key features such as the battery, browsing time and the camera, of course. But wait, they all are introduced by camera gurus, so this is not what I want you to take.

Oh, I know what you are interested in—probably you are eagerly waiting for an unboxing video, which will also give you a short review of the phone. This is the best what I can offer you at the moment, because I know there are many users, especially Americans, who want to buy this cameraphone, but something keeps them. Moreover, I know what keeps you—Nokia Belle OS the Nokia 808 PureView runs on.

The phone was launched in the US via Amazon on July 8, and from the Nokia 808 PureView’s making process video we know much about it. So this unboxing video won’t give anything more, than just a closer look at the device and the content of the box. In the box you get the Nokia 808 PureView handset, the battery, USB cable, in-ear noise cancelling earphones, a wall charger and a wrist strap.

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Nokia Lumia 710 For $269 At Walmart

The Nokia Lumia 710 was first launched in the US via T-Mobile, and the magenta carrier didn’t make mistake by offering this phone, because the Lumia 710 is still selling well. That’s not my words only, but the statistics—if you take a look at T-Mobile’s best-selling smartphones’ list, you’ll see the Lumia 710’s white and black versions are on the 3th and 4th positions, respectively. Our hero can’t boast of high-end features and it can be easily thrown into the category of low-end devices, but what attracts people is its price.

The Lumia 710 is offered for a low price in other top markets such as the UK or Canada. For example, Rogers is selling the phone for $0.01 on contract

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or $229.99 outright; the British retailers and mobile operators are requiring for the unlocked model €170 that is $202 or £150 that is $227. But everything changes when it passes the ocean, I mean T-Mobile has an exclusivity on the phone in the States, so do not wait for the Lumia 710 to be offered for a cheap price.

Initially when the phone was launched, its off-contract price was $349, but then T-Mobile cut it and the latest news on the Lumia 710’s price was that the magenta carrier is requiring only $199.99, though buyers must activate a $50 plan on it so total is $250+tax.

At the moment, I have gladsome news for you—Walmart is selling the phone for only $269.99 on a prepaid agreement. Like all Pay-As-You-Go plans, you are free of any kind of responsibilities, which means the data plans can be chosen more freely.


Nokia Lumia 800 Came Back To June UK Top 10

The Nokia Lumia 800 has been launched for a long time, and seems it had to yield its position to the fresher handsets like the Lumia 900 or even the Lumia 610. But it turns out we don’t know the Lumia 800 well, because the statistics show no matter what this phone continues to sell well. If you don’t believe in what I’ve said, I suggest you to look at the June monthly Mobile Tracker chart released uSwitch, which lists handsets according to sales figures and web searches.

So according to that chart, Samsung has the most representatives in the top ten. Moreover, the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS have appeared at the bottom of the chart. But what’s the most interesting the Nokia Lumia 800 is back to the chart, and it is on the eighth position. This is for the first time when the Lumia 800 re-enters this chart, which is mainly conditioned by its admissibleness. I mean the phone is sold for free on contract with data plans starting from £15 per month. For example, the newly-launched HTC One X and One S are available for £7.50 per month.

The top 10 for June

  1. Samsung Galaxy S III (No change)
  2. Apple iPhone 4S 16GB (No change)
  3. Samsung Galaxy S II (No movement)
  4. HTC One X (No movement)
  5. Samsung Galaxy Ace (No movement)
  6. Samsung Galaxy Note (No movement)
  7. HTC One S (Up one place)
  8. Nokia Lumia 800 (Re-entry)
  9. Apple iPhone 4 16GB (Down two places)
  10. Apple iPhone 3GS 8GB (Re-entry)


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Five Nokia Phones Spotted In RDA

While many Windows Phone users are boasting of their cool smartphones, the others are waiting for the upcoming Nokia models, because

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they are promised to run Windows Phone 8 OS or/and pack PureView technology. That’s why we’ll be hearing any kind of rumors before Nokia comes up with an official statement, but it doesn’t mean all heard info should be fake. For example, at the moment I am going to introduce you five new names of supposed upcoming Nokia phones, and can you say they will never become real?

Earlier this week people were informed two Lumia names had been leaked in the company’s Remote Device Access (RDA) program. If you’re unaware, the latter lets developers to test apps and games on a remotely located Nokia device, thus they don’t have to buy the handset themselves. The program gives a complete access to all kind of functions including WiFi networks and other devices. This trick is used for discovering new devices, as it happened with the Lumia 900.

Well, recently geeks have found five new Nokia phone names spotted in the RDA. The first two handsets are the Nokia 510 and Nokia Belle 805. The former one seems to be the follow up to the Nokia 500, while the latter sounds like the simplified variant of the Nokia 808 PureView. Supposedly both devices will run Belle OS.

As to the other three ones, they are the Nokia Lumia 920, 950 and 1001. So if they are going to be true, the first ones will be the alerted models of the Lumia 900, while the 1001 seems to be a top-end handset with amazing features.


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