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Nokia Lumia 920 And 820 Prices

The Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820 were announced exactly three weeks ago. The former one will fight against the iPhone 5, HTC Windows Phone 8X, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Ativ S, and other high-end smartphones for the best prize, while the modest Lumia 820 can only count on title of the best mid-range smartphones. By the way, the mid-range market includes more devices than the top-end market. So the Lumia 820 must do its best to surpass such smartphones as the HTC One S, Motorola RAZR series and Samsung’s Galaxy line handsets. On this background the prices will have the most impact on the users’ choice. So looking at the press release of Nokia we can make some conclusions. But once you do it, I recommend you to get acquainted with the key features of both phones to assess whether the price are high or not.

Nokia Lumia 920 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Screens

When the Nokia Lumia 920 was announced, people didn’t know which feature

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to praise and which one to left for the next days. There were different thoughts on this amazing device, but what geeks loved the most was the super sensitive touchscreen, which allows users to access the most of smartphone’s functions even with gloves and metal stylus. Today we have grabbed another comparison video, in which the Nokia Lumia 920 beats the Samsung Galaxy S3 one more time. (I have a feeling geeks have decided to take the Galaxy S3 out of the game.) The video is about the screen technologies used in both smartphones, so I recommend all Android lovers to watch this video and then praise their favorite Android king…if they still will have such a wish.

Nokia Reading Gets Major Update

We like to write about Nokia Collection apps, because they show how unique Lumia range devices are. Today we have great news for those who live outside the US and own a Lumia smartphone. I said in this way because the States has not been very hospitable towards Nokia, and some of its services are not available in the country yet. I guess this problem will be solved soon, but the US consumers still can’t use such apps as Nokia Reading is, which also has got a major update.

Nokia Lumia 920 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Video Image-Stabilization Test

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most powerful smartphones in the world, and each smartphone that wants to show off itself, it’s compared with this handset. The Nokia Lumia 920 is no exception, but we have to say each time these two giants meet, the Lumia 920 goes out with the title of winner. As for today, I have grabbed an interesting video, in which the Lumia 920 is thrown in a test with the Samsung Galaxy S3 one more time. Actually, it can’t be called a professional test, but guys from the Russian site have done their best to compare the handset fairly.

Verizon’s Leaked Roadmap Shows Nokia Lumia 920 In Its Lineup

Just recently Verizon Wireless didn’t recognize any Windows Phone device, because the biggest carrier in the US has been in a transition phase and was requiring from manufacturers to offer only LTE-enabled devices. As you know, Windows Phone 7.x doesn’t support this network, so Microsoft’s OS and all devices running it were out of game. The things change with the announcement of Windows Phone 8, which supports many hardware features as well as much awaited LTE network. Now when Microsoft’s mobile operating system appropriates all requirements we can look for WP8 devices in Verizon’s portfolio.

Nokia Lumia 920 To Cost $512/£320 In Hong Kong

Recently when HTC announced its own Windows Phone 8 devices, many were thinking the Taiwanese company will set prices aggressively to leave Nokia out of game. Seemed the predictions had been right, because the HTC Windows Phone 8X and HTC Windows Phone 8S were ready for pre-orders in the UK for only £332.48 and £187.48 excluding VAT, respectively. But we have very gladsome news for Nokia fans or for those who have been thinking on switching to Windows Phone 8, but their choice would depend on the lower price.

Nokia Lumia 510 Passes Through Chinese Certification Board

The Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 are on the way and will knock at our doors in coming months, but it doesn’t mean all Nokia lovers can afford them to buy these handsets. This especially refers to the markets with low incomes. China is one of them, but as the country is the larges market in the world it will always be beneficial for manufacturers to meet the demand that is in China. Nokia Windows Phone 7 handsets have been launched in China in past months, now it’s the right time to think on the Windows Phone 8 smartphones. Nokia does it.

Nokia Lumia 820 Cases Come In Different Colors And Functions

The Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 are known note only for their attractive features but for their colorful variants and wireless charging. We have talked about Nokia Lumia colors for many times, and at the moment I want to tell you that the Lumia 820’s interchangeable cases are not made only for people who like different colored shells, but also for those who want to make their phones be more rugged and support wireless charging.

Nokia Lumia 800 Seen Running Windows Phone 7.8

The Nokia Lumia 800 has been spotted with Windows Phone 7.8 aboard. That’s not surprising, but we’ve been thinking the update will first be launched in major markets, while the leaked photos and video come from Poland.

Microsoft will launch Windows 8 desktop operating system very soon. But besides this release the company will also launch Windows Phone 8 OS codenamed Apollo. The latter is said to come with many awesome features that will make Android and iOS look outdated.

Nokia Lumia 920 Vs iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 was announced just yesterday. It is packed with all the features we have been thinking it will come with. On the whole, this is the first LTE-enabled iPhone, which also sports a larger screen. But Nokia’s latest creation looks better, and we decided to compare them to find out whether this is true or we like Nokia and we just want the Lumia 920 to be better.