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Nokia Lumia 920 VS Sony Xperia Z

Currently the smartphone market is full of outstanding high-end smartphones that boast of stylish design and shocking specs list, but only a few of them fight for the highest positions. The Sony Xperia Z, the Nokia Lumia 920, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV, the newly announced HTC One, and the rumored LG Optimus G2 are the main candidates of that title. But many of those handsets are not introduced to masses yet, while the Nokia Lumia 920 is already available and sells well. On the other hand, the Sony Xperia Z has been already uncovered, and nothing prevented guys over MyNokiaBlog to compare these two phones.

How Nokia’s Here Location Service Can Help People

One of the most exciting announcements made at Mobile World Congress a few days ago referred to Nokia’s location services that had been rebranded to Here. This will allow to promote these products more effectively offering users how to get this or that place regardless what software their smartphones run. Here mapping service was accepted with applause, and even Nokia haters talk about its advantages in comparison with other handsets. Well, Here is good, but what made Nokia work on such a project and succeed. In a keynote address at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 26 Michael Halbherr, Nokia’s Executive VP of Location & Commerce explored the main reasons why they had come up with such an idea.

Nokia Lumia 720: Affordable, Stylish, And Innovative

New technologies, innovative ideas, progress in all areas are good, but if ordinary people can’t afford themselves to get their hands on them, it becomes useless. Many top manufacturers either don’t understand this or they don’t want to understand it. Smartphone makers that have already succeeded and are selling high-end smartphones in millions probably will have no plan to bring those novelties to larger masses, because selling handsets at higher prices will bring more benefit to them. Fortunately, Nokia’s goal differs from them, and as this Finnish company is aimed at connecting people, Nokia is doing its best to let many people use its innovative ideas. In this sense, the Nokia Lumia 720 is the best example when style and innovation meet affordably.

Nokia 301 vs Nokia Lumia 920: Common Design Features

Usually, feature phones has no outstanding design, and those who can’t afford themselves to buy high-end smartphones try to hide those handsets because of a terrible (or at least, outdated) design. We can’t say the same thing about the newly announced Nokia feature phones, the Nokia 301 and 105, because the company has tried to bring as many features seen on the high-end and mid-range Lumias to these phones as possible. Fortunately, the manufacturer has succeeded and the Nokia 301 and 105 sport many unbelievable specs and have many common lineaments in comparison to the Lumia devices.

Nokia Rebrands Its Location Apps To Here

Mobile World Congress is not about smartphones and feature phones, but everything related with them. So it is not difficult to guess new software innovations are welcomed at this show, too. Probably you are aware of yesterday’s Nokia Conference, where the company not only unveiled a few devices, but also talked about new location services. Actually this is the same Nokia-branded location based services, but as Microsoft and Nokia want to get bolder, they should avoid of using Nokia naming. Well, now those services are called Here, which includes Here Maps, Here Drive, Here Transit, and Here City Lens.

New Camera Features On Nokia Devices

Yesterday at MWC 2013 Nokia announced four new devices, the Nokia 105, 301, Lumia 520, and Lumia 720. All these models are designed for larger masses, so be sure they will sold for affordable prices. Once the phones were announced we introduced you their highlighted features. But today I want to talk about the camera enhancements. There are at least three things I want you to pay your attention, voice-guided self portrait feature on the Nokia 301, Cinemagraph and Photobeamer modes on the Lumia 520 and 720.

Nokia Lumai 520 And 720 Officialy Unveiled

After introducing the Nokia 301 and 105 the company unveiled two new Lumia range devices designed for people that can afford themselves to buy more expensive Lumia 820 and 920. Honestly, no one doubted the Finnish manufacturer will announced the Lumia 520 and 720 devices today, because their photos leaked a few days ago. The Lumia 520 and 720 are real, so let’s take a glance at their highlighted features.

Nokia 301 And 105 With Amazing Features Unveiled

Just a few minutes ago Nokia announced new phones and smartphones at MWC 2013 in Barcelona. We have been waiting for this event for a long time, and I have to say all our expectations were justified. The company unvieled 4 new devices designed for different markets and for people with different incomes. So read on and be sure there is a handset unveiled for you.

Nokia To Introduce Budget Lumia Devices At MWC 2013

Mobile World Congress 2013 is getting closer and we’ll see what surprises the manufacturers have for for us. Each of us has his/her own expectations of the event, but whether they will be satisfied still remains a big question. For example, we all are waiting for the Nokia EOS and Nokia Catwalk to be uncovered at the show, but many are sure Nokia will come up with other devices, and they are rumored to be made for the  low-end and mid-range markets, thus more consumers can afford themselves to buy Windows Phone 8 handsets carrying Nokia branding.

Nokia Sees Good Launch Of WP8 Devices In Brazil

Almost all smartphone makers want to become popular in the top markets like the US and China. But all those markets have their own specifications, and each region requires a specific attitude. In this sense, not all top markets should be attacked on the same way. So if you hear Nokia succeeds in the fifth largest market in the world, this wouldn’t mean the Finnish company is high-competitive in the rest regions. Anyway, conquering the major markets should be in mind of any company, and Nokia is no exception. I am talking about this, because Nokia has recently launched its new Windows Phone 8-powered smartphones in Brazil (as you guess it’s the fifth after China, India, the US, and Japan), and surprisingly or not there were long queues even before their opening.