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Nokia Lumia 920 Vs Samsung Galaxy S IV: Low-Light Shooting

We all know the Nokia Lumia 920 is a perfect smartphone packing many awesome features. This allows the phone to compete with all handsets regardless of what branding they carry, what features they sport, and even what software they run on. Many geeks take this to heart, and a Russian character, Eugen Diskin is one of such person. Recently, he introduced a shoot out showing that the Samsung Galaxy S IV is not the best smartphone when it comes to low-light shooting. Moreover, he compared the photos taken by the SGS4 to the Nokia Lumia 920, and looking at the sample photos we can see the former one doesn’t come close to capturing the amount of light and details as the Nokia Lumia 920.

AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 Got Display Timeout Options

AT&T’s Nokia Lumia 920 started getting a new firmware update yesterday. The 1308 update is designed for the current flagship of the carrier, but it will roll out for the rest of the world in coming weeks. Not that many things have been changed, but there are a few things I want you to pay  attention to. First of all, it refers to the display time-out, which can be found under Settings>Lock Screen.

Nokia Music+ Available In Germany, Austria, And Switzerland

Almost a month ago we told you Nokia Music+ is available in the US. I can’t remember whether this was the first country where Nokia introduced its new service, but I’m sure this is the first country we wrote about. Anyway, the times goes by and this service becomes available in more and more countries. The latest markets where Nokia Muisc+ has become available for subscription were the United Arab Emirates and Singapore. Now it’s Austria, Germany, and Switzerland’s turn.

Nokia Lumia 810 To Be T-Mobile’s Only LTE-Capable Smartphone

I guess many people have forgotten about the Nokia Lumia 810, because there are many other Nokia Lumia smartphones running the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows Phone mobile operating system and sporting better features. The aforementioned idea refers to the design, too. But there is one thing that can change everything in favor of our hero—T-Mobile will get LTE support in select markets in coming days, and the Nokia Lumia 810 is said to be the only smartphone at the Magenta Carrier supporting LTE.

Nokia Lumia 720 And 520 Coming To Australia Via Allphones

The Nokia Lumia 720 and 520 are being made to bring the Windows Phone 8 experience to more consumers. These phones will be launched in the countries, where people have low incomes, but want the WP8 fever. Of course, this doesn’t mean the Lumia 720 and 520 will be available only in entry-level markets, vise versa, we have already seen them listed at retailers of many top markets. Now they are said to land on Australia via Allphones. These phones have appeared in the retailer’s webpage, meaning their launch is a few weeks away.

Nokia Lumia 920 For Free At Microsoft Store

The Nokia Lumia 920 doesn’t have many competitors in Windows Phone market. So on this background those manufacturers that have any device ready to fight against the Lumia 920 should rethink their price policy. I’m not talking about this accidentally, as HTC has discounted its Windows Phone 8X recently and began offering it for only $99 on AT&T. This offer is valid only for the 16GB model, and it can be purchased only in Microsoft Store. Now something similar spreads on the Nokia Lumia 920, which has begun to be offered for free. The phone is sold in yellow, black, and red, and if you decide to get your hands on one of these color options, FedEx will deliver it withing three days.

Cyan Nokia Lumia 920 Available At Telstra

The Nokia Lumia 920 is a great device, and it seems to be selling quite well. Of course, there is still many job to be done to bring the sales of this phone to the same level with the Galaxy S and iPhone, but there are a few things that can affect the sales volume. One of such features is the design and the color options the Nokia Lumia 920 is offered with. Undoubtedly, the cyan variant is the most desirable option, but, oh, it’s available exclusively via AT&T. As for now, this limiteness is over, as the cyan Lumia 920 is available for purchase at Tesltra.  

Nokia Lumia 620 Coming To Sweden, Nokia Lumia 520 Got Certification In Brazil

Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 running smartphones are becoming more and more popular as the company is launching it in the secondary markets. As for today, we have gladsome news for those who live in Sweden and Brazil. Consumers from the former country soon will be able to get their hands on the Nokia Lumia 620, while the Lumia 520 is going to hit the Brazilian market as it has got certification.

Nokia Lumia 720T For China Mobile Spotted In Photo

One of the main advantages of Nokia in comparison to other handset makers is its popularity in the markets where people have low incomes. Though China has the largest smartphone market, many consumers of

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it can’t afford themselves to buy expensive devices with high-end features. In these cases, Nokia always becomes winner because its portfolio is full of different kinds of smartphones designed for all types of users. As for the Lumias, Nokia has an interesting strategy to make the Chinese versions of its well-selling Windows Phone handsets with slightly alerted features that cost less but provide almost the same experience what you can find on their original models. The Nokia Lumia 720 and 520 are the latest additions to Nokia Windows Phone portfolio, and it’s reasonable rumors about their kick-off models are heard

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Nokia Pushing Out Updates For Lumia 920, 820, And 620

Nokia’s current Windows Phone 8 models are good enough, but this doesn’t mean they can’t become better. I guess you understand I am talking about those different updates that should come to fix this or that bug. Now when Windows Phone is gaining momentum, and manufacturers are working on better devices, Microsoft must think about the performance in its turn. The Redmond-based company is doing so, but Nokia fans should wait for new updates from the manufacturer as well.