Nokia Lumia 820 Cases Come In Different Colors And Functions

The Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 are known note only for their attractive features but for their colorful variants and wireless charging. We have talked about Nokia Lumia colors for many times, and at the moment I want to tell you that the Lumia 820’s interchangeable cases are not made only for people who like different colored shells, but also for those who want to make their phones be more rugged and support wireless charging.

There are up to eight colors that users can change between. It’s performed very quickly and it will take only a few moments from you. But if you want to make your Nokia Lumia 820 have more rugged backs then you must order cases with such features. The ruggedized shells are the same width and length as the standard shells, though they are a bit thicker and sport rubbed edges that protect the front corners of the phone. The case is made from PC/ABS plastic and it’s designed to protect the phone without needing other bulkier cases for it. Shortly by this move Nokia wants all users to buy cases only from its stores. I guess consumers do not mind.

As for the standard shell of the Nokia Lumia 820, it’s a PC/ABS shell. But users can chose more rugged

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cases or those that provide wireless charging. As Nokia says, those cases are more than just about looks and colors. However, they come in different colors:

– Standard shell (high-gloss): cyan, purple, red, yellow, white
– Wireless Charging shell (matte): black, cyan, red, yellow, white
– Ruggedized shell (matte with black trim): green, orange, yellow


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