Cinemagraph Available For Nokia Windows Phone 7.x Smartphones

We have talked about the benefits of having a Nokia Lumia smartphone for many a few times. All Lumias come in a perfect design that no other company can find a fault with it. If you are aware of the mobile world and what happens there in terms of patent lawsuits filed by a certain manufacturer against another one, then you should know many handsets sold recently look similar and even some of them are banned in certain countries. But today I want to talk about the another advantage you can have if buying a Nokia Windows Phone smartphone, even if it doesn’t run the latest version, but sticks at Windows Phone 7.X.

If you know, Nokia has recently unveiled two new Windows Phone 8-packed smartphones for entry-level market. The Nokia Lumia 720 and 520 are perfect options for those who want to get experienced with WP without paying high prices. Both handsets sport not only attractive design and respectable hardware features, but also they are powered with new innovative apps. One of them is the well-known Cinemagraph app, which is a great addition to camera features.

Cinemagraph on Lumia

We have talked about it and Photobeamer as well. So you should know it works by taking a short video of the scene and then lets the user animate certain areas. Moreover, probably you won’t find better way to create a neat effect and to blend a photo with some video qualities.

Now as for the happy news, Nokia launches Cinemagrapg for non-Windows Phone 8 devices. The app comes in as version 1.0 in the Nokia Collection, and it’s almost the same as the one found on WP8 devices. There is only one difference—it has no Lens feature.


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