Nokia Outs Glam Me Self-Portrait App For Windows Phone 8 Devices

there are many camera apps and modules that let Android and iOS users boast of. The most popular of them is Instagram, which allows people to take any photo by any camera of their smartphone and using a filter make it more attractive and good-looking. On the whole, all those apps reproduce Instagram. So we can assume if Google Play and App Store are offering more apps, it doesn’t mean they all are unique. On the other hand, Windows Phone MarketPlace still has a lot of job to do to offer as many apps as the aforementioned markets, but all Windows Phone users, especially Nokia Lumia owners can be sure the apps offered by this market are unique, well-developed, and useful. The Glam Me app is a perfect example of my words. So let’s get acquainted with it, because this app is already available for Windows Phone 8 Lumias.

Glam Me

This is a self-portrait app, which uses the frontal camera for taking snaps. Afterwards users can apply any from the adjustments along the way. Thanks to Glam Me you can smooth out your skin tone, whiten teeth, soften the image and adjust the eyes (makes them “more open”) and so on. When these jobs are done you can even add one of those 14 filters that include B&W, Lomo, fresh, violet, magazine and sketch.

The Glam Me app can integrate nicely with the camera module of any Nokia Windows Phone 8 smartphone, and though it’s not the best option out there, the app is perfect for self-portraits.

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