Nokia Play To Getting Update

Most likely Nokia Collection is the best app set available for a smartphone lineup, because it includes useful apps for any cases. Moreover, they are exclusive and you can’t find them in another market place. One of Nokia Collection members is Nokia Play To app, which is not popular very much because of such apps as Nokia Maps, Nokia Music, Nokia Drive, Nokia Trailers and other are. But Nokia Play To is one of those that can be used everyday, thus Lumia users must know this app has been updated to version 1.4.1 bringing with it enhanced usability and a number of bug fixes.

Firstly it’s popped up on the Nokia Lumia 800, but it’s said all Lumia phones are currently getting a notification that there is an update available for download. However, Nokia Play To is an exclusive app that allows users to show images and videos wirelessly from their phone on other DLNA capable devices, such as HD TV, BluRay Player or even the Media Player in Windows 7.

Unfortunately, there is no changelog yet, but those who have downloaded and installed the update, say there are not that many changes, but several bug fixes are obvious.

If you have not got a notification, I recommend you go to Nokia Collection and check for it manually. It’s often the case that the update is waiting, it simply has been pushed to a notification.


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