Nokia Reading Gets Major Update

We like to write about Nokia Collection apps, because they show how unique Lumia range devices are. Today we have great news for those who live outside the US and own a Lumia smartphone. I said in this way because the States has not been very hospitable towards Nokia, and some of its services are not available in the country yet. I guess this problem will be solved soon, but the US consumers still can’t use such apps as Nokia Reading is, which also has got a major update.

This apps is identical with Amazon’s Kindle service, though the former one is the only solution for Windows Phone users, because Amazon’s service is not available for everyone. Nokia Reading offers eBooks in different genres, languages and popularity. They can be read in two ways–as black print on a white background or as white print on a black background. I recommend you to use the latter, because it will save your battery life.

Well, the update pushed out to the app users will allow them to import DRM-free books (EPUB and PDF formats supported) from SkyDrive. Moreover, they can also import own content from the cloud.

Nokia Reading now has got a RSS-like features called “News Stream” that enables users to receive news from a number of categories and collected sources.

As you see, Nokia Collection apps get update very frequently, which means Nokia pays very  much attention to them. Lumia line users should be satisfied with such an attitude.


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