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Nokia Music+ Available In Germany, Austria, And Switzerland

Almost a month ago we told you Nokia Music+ is available in the US. I can’t remember whether this was the first country where Nokia introduced its new service, but I’m sure this is the first country we wrote about. Anyway, the times goes by and this service becomes available in more and more countries. The latest markets where Nokia Muisc+ has become available for subscription were the United Arab Emirates and Singapore. Now it’s Austria, Germany, and Switzerland’s turn.

Some New Nokia Apps Leaked

Nokia Collection is one of those advantages the Nokia Windows Phone smartphones have. As a Nokia-devoted blog we try to keep our readers informed about all the news related with this set of apps. Now it’s the right time to talk about the upcoming applications that Nokia is going to launch, but it hasn’t announced them yet. Before the company closed the loophole in its Highlights app, managed to grab some unreleased Nokia apps. The whole list is introduced below, but you should know the most of them require login and/or work only for developers.

Nokia Outs Glam Me Self-Portrait App For Windows Phone 8 Devices

there are many camera apps and modules that let Android and iOS users boast of. The most popular of them is Instagram, which allows people to take any photo by any camera of their smartphone and using a filter make it more attractive and good-looking. On the whole, all those apps reproduce Instagram. So we can assume if Google Play and App Store are offering more apps, it doesn’t mean they all are unique. On the other hand, Windows Phone MarketPlace still has a lot of job to do to offer as many apps as the aforementioned markets, but all Windows Phone users, especially Nokia Lumia owners can be sure the apps offered by this market are unique, well-developed, and useful. The Glam Me app is a perfect example of my words. So let’s get acquainted with it, because this app is already available for Windows Phone 8 Lumias.

Cinemagraph Available For Nokia Windows Phone 7.x Smartphones

We have talked about the benefits of having a Nokia Lumia smartphone for many a few times. All Lumias come in a perfect design that no other company can find a fault with it. If you are aware of the mobile world and what happens there in terms of patent lawsuits filed by a certain manufacturer against another one, then you should know many handsets sold recently look similar and even some of them are banned in certain countries. But today I want to talk about the another advantage you can have if buying a Nokia Windows Phone smartphone, even if it doesn’t run the latest version, but sticks at Windows Phone 7.X.

Nokia Music+ Available In US

Nokia’s Lumia range devices are beloved not only thanks to a stylish design, a smooth performance, and respectable features, but world pharmacy online those exclusive apps that can run only on Nokia Windows Phone smartphones. We talk about those apps regularly, so you should be aware of all kinds of changes and improvements made in them. As for now, we have an interesting topic to talk about, as Nokia Music+ goes live in the US.

This service is one of the best one cheapest generic viagra prices online among all song recommendation apps. So not in vain it’s gaining bcbs online pharmacy more and more popularity. Being included

in Nokia Collection this app is available only to Lumia smartphones. But as usually Nokia does, it was available in Europe mainly, and only after some time the company decided to bring to the States as well.

Nokia Reading Gets Major Update

We like to write about Nokia Collection apps, because they show how unique Lumia range devices are. Today we have great news for those who live outside the US and own a Lumia smartphone. I said in this way because the States has not been very hospitable towards Nokia, and some of its services are not available in the country yet. I guess this problem will be solved soon, but the US consumers still can’t use such apps as Nokia Reading is, which also has got a major update.

ESPN Fantasy Football Available For Nokia Lumias

Every time we hear about a new app hitting MarketPlace, we think it should be exclusive for Nokia Lumia smartphones, thus it should be included into Nokia Collection. But it’s not so, and I am glad there are not many Nokia Collection exclusive apps, otherwise this set would lose it reputation. Nokia Collection includes only those applications that can mexico pharmacy be useful to users in this or that case, but it doesn’t mean there are only “top” apps. I mean Nokia exclusive apps should be related with all situations of life staring from users’ safety and finishing by entertainment. The next addition to Nokia Collection belongs to the last mentioned category. ESPN Fantasy Football app is available in Marketplace.

All in all, Fantasy Football is a big deal in the US, and if Nokia wants to conquer this market cialis how does it work completely, it must use all possible Cialis cost methods to attract more and more consumers. So ESPN Fantasy Football app allows Nokia Lumia users to to manage and track their teams’ performance. Moreover, users can manage multiple teams and cub foods pharmacy leagues adding, dropping, or trading players and making waiver claims.

The app also allows Lumia owners to follow their teams buy brand viagra on game day with real-time FantasyCast scores and news. The video highlights, news can be shown if needed, while the experts will show their forecasts and analysis.

As for trading a player, consumers can use PickCenter Plus recommended mexicanonlinepharmacy-norx lineups or personalized alerts and game predictions.

As you see ESPN Fantasy Football is a perfect application, and it is available only for Lumia users.


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Nokia Play To Getting Update

Most likely Nokia Collection is the best app set available for a smartphone lineup, because it includes useful apps for any cases. Moreover, they are exclusive and you can’t find them in another market place. One of Nokia Collection members is Nokia Play To app, which is not popular very much because of such apps as Nokia Maps, Nokia Music, Nokia Drive, Nokia Trailers and other are. But Nokia Play To is one of those that can be used everyday, thus Lumia users must know this app has been updated to version 1.4.1 bringing with it enhanced usability and a number of bug fixes.

Firstly it’s popped up on the Nokia Lumia 800, but it’s said all Lumia phones are currently getting a notification that there is an update available for download. However, Nokia Play To is an exclusive app that allows users to show images and videos wirelessly from their phone on other DLNA capable devices, such as HD TV, BluRay Player or even the Media Player in Windows 7.

Unfortunately, there is no changelog yet, but those who have downloaded and installed the update, say there are not that many changes, but several bug fixes are obvious.

If you have not got a notification, I recommend you go to Nokia Collection and check for it manually. It’s often the case that the update is waiting, it simply has been pushed to a notification.


The Dark Knight Rises: Prologue App Available For Lumia Handsets

Nokia knows how to attract people, and when it started “cooperate” with Batman, all understood there will be many interesting things they will come with. Probably there will be many people that do not like fantastic movies, but no one can deny Batman is a hero of our childhood. Nowadays it has got a new name, which is more impressive, The Dark Knight, but it doesn’t change the nature of the superhero. Well, we can talk about the Dark Knight and its adventures for ages, but now I want to inform you The Dark Knight Rises: Prologue app is available for the Nokia Lumia devices and is free from Nokia Collection.

There were released a couple of other apps related with movie in face of TDKR: Origins and the Dark Knight Rises, and seems this is the last one. As to the app itself, it’s a mini-comic dealing with

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some events before the movie. Thus it’s a bit more than how it is called, “motion comic.” As you know, a motion comic is an animated version of the comic. So it’s like a camera panning and scrolling for you, whizzing past the frames and adding a neat flair to the form. It weighs 52MB, and there is nothing to do with but the aforementioned actions, but it gets the job done and is overall, it is well made.

What’s more interesting, this app won’t kill your interest towards the movie if you haven’t seen it yet—but the opposite, as it will provide some details about it and hurry you to go to the theater.


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Nokia Weather Updated

We have already told you that owning a Lumia smartphone is beneficial in all cases. It’s not difficult to me and I’ll remind you why it is. Firstly, the Lumia smartphones come in with original design, and each of them

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sports a perfect specs list that appropriates to its category. Secondly, Lumia’s run Windows Phone, which means you use an amazing operating system designed by Microsoft, plus, the Metro UI is the way attractive and intuitive than other user interfaces. And finally, you use special apps that are available in MarketPlace but only Lumia owners can download them, shortly, three-in-one. At the moment I want you to pay your attention to Nokia Weather app, which has got its first update.

This application is available within Nokia Collection and it’s a “suped-up” version of The Weather Channel app. As you know, the latter is available for all Windows Phone devices, and I have to say since it’s been launched in Marketplace, people managed to love it very much thanks to its useful functionality and features.

The app’s availability was limited earlier, but this update brings new regions. On the whole, this is one of the best weather apps, but what’s more important it’s absolutely free for all Lumia users.

The Nokia Weather app shows the usual weather forecasts and radar images, but it also features exclusive augmented reality functionality, where users are able to see pictures uploaded by other users of local weather.