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Cyan Nokia Lumia 920 Available At Telstra

The Nokia Lumia 920 is a great device, and it seems to be selling quite well. Of course, there is still many job to be done to bring the sales of this phone to the same level with the Galaxy S and iPhone, but there are a few things that can affect the sales volume. One of such features is the design and the color options the Nokia Lumia 920 is offered with. Undoubtedly, the cyan variant is the most desirable option, but, oh, it’s available exclusively via AT&T. As for now, this limiteness is over, as the cyan Lumia 920 is available for purchase at Tesltra.  

Tesco Mobile Offering Nokia Lumia 510 For £85

Nokia has launched a few new devices running the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system. Moreover, some of them are as cheap as you have never dreamed of, but I’m sure there are many consumers ready to pay less and to get their hands on a Nokia handset packed with an older version of Windows Phone OS. As for the UK, it’s always been very kind towards the Finnish manufacturer and its products, meaning almost every mobile operator and retailer offers a Nokia Lumia smartphone powered with this or that Windows Phone version. Now, when the Nokia Lumia 520 and 720 are out, many could think the older models won’t be attractive. But what if some of them are priced so low that you won’t be able to refuse them?

Nokia Lumia 720: Affordable, Stylish, And Innovative

New technologies, innovative ideas, progress in all areas are good, but if ordinary people can’t afford themselves to get their hands on them, it becomes useless. Many top manufacturers either don’t understand this or they don’t want to understand it. Smartphone makers that have already succeeded and are selling high-end smartphones in millions probably will have no plan to bring those novelties to larger masses, because selling handsets at higher prices will bring more benefit to them. Fortunately, Nokia’s goal differs from them, and as this Finnish company is aimed at connecting people, Nokia is doing its best to let many people use its innovative ideas. In this sense, the Nokia Lumia 720 is the best example when style and innovation meet affordably.

Nokia Lumai 520 And 720 Officialy Unveiled

After introducing the Nokia 301 and 105 the company unveiled two new Lumia range devices designed for people that can afford themselves to buy more expensive Lumia 820 and 920. Honestly, no one doubted the Finnish manufacturer will announced the Lumia 520 and 720 devices today, because their photos leaked a few days ago. The Lumia 520 and 720 are real, so let’s take a glance at their highlighted features.

Nokia 301 And 105 With Amazing Features Unveiled

Just a few minutes ago Nokia announced new phones and smartphones at MWC 2013 in Barcelona. We have been waiting for this event for a long time, and I have to say all our expectations were justified. The company unvieled 4 new devices designed for different markets and for people with different incomes. So read on and be sure there is a handset unveiled for you.

Nokia Lumia 510 Passes Through Chinese Certification Board

The Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 are on the way and will knock at our doors in coming months, but it doesn’t mean all Nokia lovers can afford them to buy these handsets. This especially refers to the markets with low incomes. China is one of them, but as the country is the larges market in the world it will always be beneficial for manufacturers to meet the demand that is in China. Nokia Windows Phone 7 handsets have been launched in China in past months, now it’s the right time to think on the Windows Phone 8 smartphones. Nokia does it.

Unlocked Nokia Lumia 610 Launched Via Clove UK

Nokia has designed the most affordable Windows Phone smartphone, the Lumia 610 that is already available in many markets, while the others are waiting for their turn. Today it was the UK’s turn, where the phone was launched via Clove UK. The latter is one of the most popular retailers in

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the country, so it’s been expected we’ll see the Nokia Lumia 610 in its stores.

Nokia Lumia 920 Announced

Nokia reenters the high-end smartphone competition and I guess its main rivals are shaking, because what the Finnish has introduced deserves applause. I don’t want to play with your nerves, so let’s take a look at the key features of the Nokia Lumia 920 high-end smartphone, because there are much to talk about.

Firstly, the Nokia Lumia 920 sports a 4.5-inch HD touchscreen with a resolution of 1280×768 pixels. But saying only this means not to say anything, because this display is powered with a special technology called PureMotion HD+, which has been added to smooth blur-free scrolling on the curved glass display. As Nokia says, it’s the “fastest LCD display”, with up to 2.5 times faster refresh rate and new super sensitive touch technology, that allows you to use it with gloves. Probably, this feature won’t be important for Californians, but say Finns must be very happy for it. During the show Kevin Shields put on a pair of bright red mittens and unlocked his Lumia 920 with no effort, then he accessed the call log and made a couple other ordinary things. I mean this technology really works. Plus, Nokia has designed this display with a new iteration of its ClearBlack Display technology, which will give the best visibility under the sunlight. At the end, the Lumia 920’s super screen comes with a pixel density of 332ppi and a high-brightness mode of 600 nits.

Secondly, though Nokia has packed the Lumia 920 with only8MP lens, the latter supports PureView technology. Talking more precisely, the phone works on a new technology called PureView Phase 2. All in all, the Nokia Lumia 920 does the same things with its 8MP camera like what the Nokia 808 PureView does with its 41MP camera. I mean the former one also can group pixels together  and make one super pixel out of the different information in several adjacent, though there are no lossless zooming capabilities. One of the advantages is a unique image stabilization tech woven inside. It’s called “floating lens” and is akin to optical image stabilization in SLRs. Unfortunately, there is only one LED flash, and no Xenon one, though some camera gurus, say Damian Dinning are shure LED is better because it’s higher rate than Xenon flash.

Thirdly, the Nokia Lumia 920 sports many high-end features, though we must admit they can be found on other high-end smartphones as well. Anyway, it comes with a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 chipset with LTE radio to boot, 1GB of RAM, 32GB of internal memory plus 7GB of SkyDrive cloud storage, and a 2000mAh, which is capable to keep your phone alive up to 10 hours when you are talking in 3G mode.




Other than that, the Nokia Lumia 920 will support wireless charging, and during the event there was introduced the Fatboy -branded recharge pillow. Virgin Atlantic is Nokia’s first partner in this area, and it will launch wireless charging plates for Nokia 920, as well as a chain of coffee shops.

Besides it the Nokia Lumia 920 will be launched alongside with many NFC accessories like the JBL retro boombox speaker designed especially for this handset.

As for software, the phone runs Windows Phone 8, and there will be many amazing apps like Angry Birds Roost, YouSendIt which will also be a three-month exclusive an NFC travel app from Michelin will let you retrieve tailored info at Michelin 2012 NFC enabled restaurants and many other NFC-enabled goodies.



The pricing still remains unknown, but rumors about it will begin to buzz on the net soon.

Nokia Lumia 820 Announced

Finally Nokia has unveiled the Lumia 820—a mid-range smartphones that comes to beat all its rivals. Let’s not lose time and get acquainted with the features this handset features. The only thing I want to mention before we start is that all our expectations are justified.

The Nokia

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Lumia 820 sports a 4.3-inch display at resolution of 480×800 pixels and it is powered with ClearBlack Display technology that lets consumers view photos and videos under direct sunlight. It’s a bit disappointing because we have been thinking Nokia’s upcoming models will sport better screens as Microsoft has improved its chassis. Anyway, besides this feature the handset is also packed with a dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor paired with 1GB of RAM, an 8MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics and dual-LED flash, a VGA camera on the front, and a 1650mAh battery. As for storage, the Lumia 820 comes with 8GB built-in memory that can be expanded via microSD card slot, though there is also 7GB of free SkyDrive storage out of the box. So I think 15GB will be enough for simple users. The device will be launched in both LTE and HSPA+variants, though we have no info on pricing and availability.

The Nokia Lumia 820 runs Windows Phone 8, which is promised to become an Android-killer, and looking at its features it’s not that difficult not to believe in it.

Te Lumia 820 looks very attractive coming in many colors such as red, yellow, grey, cyan, purple, white and black. Its back panel can be removed very easily, which will allow users to change it whenever they want.

The wireless charging capability was proved as well, and all those chargers will match with the phones in terms of color.

The Nokia Lumia 820 looks quite stylish and it is packed with respectable hardware and software, but there are some things we are not satisfied with; firstly, it lacks PureView; secondly, the screen’s resolution is low. However, Nokia has tried to compensate these shortcomings with Super Sensitive touch technology the screen supports. The latter allows users to access smartphone’s features even when wearing gloves.

Nokia has also posted hands-on videos for those who want to get a closer look at the phone from the four winds.

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Nokia Readying Lumia 610 Successor With 4-inch Display

Though many geeks are interested what features the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 will sport and what carrier will be launching them, the others want to know whether it’s true Nokia has prepared the follow-up to the Lumia 610. I think this is more interesting than the news about the Nokia Phi and Arrow, because the latter have been lighten up for more times, while the successor of the Lumia 610 still remains mysterious.

Firstly, the upgraded variant of the Nokia Lumia 610 is codenamed as the Nokia Glory. Probably it will be called the Nokia Lumia 620 or something like that. The Lumia 610 was the cheapest representative of the Lumia line, and it’s assumable its follow-up will be sold at a low price tag as well. At least, we hope the Nokia Glory will be more affordable than many Android phones, because Nokia has such an experience of offering handsets with decent hardware at lower price.

Well, the Nokia Glory is said to sport a 4-inch display at resolution of 480×800 pixels, an 800MHz processor and 256 MB of RAM like its predecessor. Unfortunately, the Nokia Glory won’t run Windows Phone 8, because the company has decided to power it with the alerted variant of the OS, Windows Phone 7.8. Probably the main reason of such a decision is related with hardware the phone will sport. But let’s not hurry, because after less than 24 hours we’ll learn everything.


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