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Your Nokia Lumia 900 Against My Girlfriend’s iPhone 4S

When I was comparing my SE Xperia Arc S with your Nokia Lumia 800 my girlfriend was doing the same thing with her iPhoen 4S and YOUR Nokia Lumia 900. Before I’ll introduce you the details of that comparison, I want you to know both of us own the Nokia Lumia handsets. Moreover, the Lumia 800 that has been standing against my phone belongs to her, while the Lumia 900 is mine. Well, let’s start, because there are many things to talk about.

The Nokia Lumia 900 sports a 4.3-inch AMOLED touchscreen with a 480×800 resolution, which is powered with Gorilla Glass and ClearBlack technologies. The processor is the same as it was in the Lumia 800, thus we are dealing with a Snapdragon 1.4 GHz Scorpion processor. The rest of features include an 8MP camera with AF, Carl Zeiss optics, and dual-LED flash, while the frontal camera is 1MP. There are also 16GB of native storage, 512MB of RAM, and it runs Windows Phone 7.5 Tango, though Windows Phone 7.8 update is on the way. The Lumia 900 is stylish and elegant, and I really love this phone. Plus, I think this is the best smartphone nowadays, though many Android and iOS users won’t agree with me saying the Samsung Galaxy S III and the iPhone 4S are the way more powerful. I know what hardware and software features both handsets come at, but believe me it’s not only about good hardware.

Well, let’s look what the iPhone 4S can put on the table. As you know Apple’s Retina Display has been recognized as the best display technology, because it’s been providing the highest pixel density for smartphones, 330ppi. Currently there are many other smartphones (most of them carry Sony branding) that exceed this feature, but RD remains one of the best screens. Anyway, iPhone 4S sports a 3.5-inch LED-backlit IPS TFT touchscreen at a resolution of 640×960 pixels powered with Gorilla Glass and oleophobic coating. It’s the way better in terms of CPU, as it is equipped with a dual-core A5 Cortex processor clocked at 1GHz. Though the camera of the iPhone 4S is only 8MP and there are not dual LED flashes, I think it’s one of the best cameras available in the smartphone market. Other than that, Apple’s smartphone sports 16/32/64GB storage, 512MB of RAM, a frontal camera for web chat at 480p, while the rear camera can take videos at 1080p(!). This phone runs iOS 5.0, though it is long that Apple has pushed out iOS 5.1 update, and v 5.2 is on the way.

Though at first sight the iPhone 4S looks cooler, we don’t have to forget how much the iPhone 4S costs and what a price tag carriers require for the Nokia Lumia 900. I personally think the Lumia 900 has several features that let it be better—design, Windows Phone OS, price, Nokia Collection Apps, Screen, and so on.

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Your Nokia Lumia 800 Against My SE Xperia Arc S

Do you like comparing phones? I guess you do it with your phones every day. So why you can’t do it with me? Today I invite only those users who own the Nokia Lumia 800, because I use the Sony Xperia Arc S, which is a bit “old” phone. Both handsets stand out due to their stylish and attractive design, and if you remember Apple has noted that Lumia and Xperia smartphones don’t look like the iPhone. And this was said at Apple’s closing arguments in Apple vs Samsung, thus the whole world heard this and no one argued. Well, let’s start.

The Nokia Lumia 800 is packed with a 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen at 480×800 pixel resolution. The display is also protected by Gorilla Glass technology and powered by ClearBlacj Display. In comparison with earlier Nokia models, the Lumia 800 sports a better processor clocked at 1.4GHz, though many consumers dislike this feature. Anyway, the Lumia 800 provides smooth performance even with such a processor, so users mustn’t complain on it. As to other features, it comes with an 8MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics, dual-LED flash and autofocus, though the snapper only takes 720p videos. There is no secondary camera on the front and no microSD extension. So users should be satisfied with 16GB native storage and 1GB of RAM. At the end, the Nokia Lumia 800 runs Windows Phone 7.5 Tango, but it’s promised WP 7.8 update with elements of WP 8 will come soon.

Now let’s look at the specs list of my favorite Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S. I am not afraid to call it the most stylish smartphone in the world. I know Lumia users can think in the other way, but looking at the design

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of this phone I understand why I love it so much. Anyway, the Xperia Arc S is equipped with a 4.2-inch LED-backlit LCD at resolution of 480×854 pixels, which doesn’t differ from the Lumia’s screen too much. But Sony has powered this phone with its own Sony Mobile BRAVIA Engine technology and protected it with a scratch-resistant glass. Its processor is identical with the Lumia’s CPU in terms of frequency. Honestly, I am disappointed in the camera, and though my phone sports an 8MP camera with autofocus and LED-flash and the company has powered it with its Exmor sensor, I guess it yields other 8MP cameras. The secondary camera lacks as well. Unlike its rival, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S comes with 1GB of native storage and 512MB of RAM, but the memory can be expanded thanks to microSD card slot. When I bought it the Arc S was running Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread, but Sony pushed out ICS update very soon, and just yesterday I upgraded it to Android 4.0.4 ICS. In this sense, Sony is very attentive.

Finally, I want to introduce you the colors both handsets are available in. The Lumia 800 has been launched in black, cyan, magenta, and white, while the SE Xperia Arc S is available in pure white, midnight blue, misty silver, gloss black, and sakura pink.