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AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 Got Display Timeout Options

AT&T’s Nokia Lumia 920 started getting a new firmware update yesterday. The 1308 update is designed for the current flagship of the carrier, but it will roll out for the rest of the world in coming weeks. Not that many things have been changed, but there are a few things I want you to pay  attention to. First of all, it refers to the display time-out, which can be found under Settings>Lock Screen.

Nokia 808 PureView And Other Belle FP2 Smartphones Getting Gallery And CameraUpdate

With launch of the new Lumia devices and those cheap feature phones packing many amazing features many forgot about the first smartphone powered by PureView technology. Moreover, many even don’t remember there is another mobile operating system Nokia is working on. Probably, the mobile world wants to bury Symbian platform a day before the air, but this OS is alive, and those smartphones that run on it now are getting a new update made to improve the Gallery and Camera.

Nokia Rebrands Its Location Apps To Here

Mobile World Congress is not about smartphones and feature phones, but everything related with them. So it is not difficult to guess new software innovations are welcomed at this show, too. Probably you are aware of yesterday’s Nokia Conference, where the company not only unveiled a few devices, but also talked about new location services. Actually this is the same Nokia-branded location based services, but as Microsoft and Nokia want to get bolder, they should avoid of using Nokia naming. Well, now those services are called Here, which includes Here Maps, Here Drive, Here Transit, and Here City Lens.

New Camera Features On Nokia Devices

Yesterday at MWC 2013 Nokia announced four new devices, the Nokia 105, 301, Lumia 520, and Lumia 720. All these models are designed for larger masses, so be sure they will sold for affordable prices. Once the phones were announced we introduced you their highlighted features. But today I want to talk about the camera enhancements. There are at least three things I want you to pay your attention, voice-guided self portrait feature on the Nokia 301, Cinemagraph and Photobeamer modes on the Lumia 520 and 720.

Lumia 920 Soft Reset

I have found that the Lumia 920 has been very reliable but does occasionally fall victim to the mobile version of the blue screen of death.  It has only happened twice but when it does you will see a persistent “Nokia” logo across the screen. It isn’t intuitive but to soft reset (not a hard reset which deletes everything from your phone), hold the power and down volume button down. It may take a few seconds…so be patient.

Nokia Belle Refresh Update Available For Symbian Devices (Changelog)

If you think the first-gen Symbian phones are dead, then

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I have to disappoint you, because Nokia has pushed out Nokia Belle Refresh minor update to the Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia C7, Nokia C6-01, Nokia X7 and Nokia Oro. This update comes to fix a few bugs, bring HTML5 support, a couple of new widgets, changes to Nokia Maps and other improvements. However, we’ll introduce you the cialis super active reviews complete changelog at the very end.

The update can be received over-the-air or via Nokia suite if connecting the phone to the PC. If you choose the first variant you will have to download only the changed part, which is 12MB in size. But if you want to download the update via PC, then you have to redownload the whole OS, thus 350MB.

Though it’s said all Symbian^3 smartphones will be getting Nokia Belle Refresh update, the Nokia 500 has not bachelor pharmacy online been included in the list, online pharmacy delhi because it will get its portion a bit later, as usual.

Nokia Belle Refresh changelog

  • Nokia Belle 111.040.1511
  • Browser updated to 8.3 Full HTML5 support Offline services
  • Nokia Maps Suite 3.09 Use voice search for Maps & Drive See photos on Map Multipoint routing Explore nearby places from cialys ou viagra Homescreen Public transportation integrated with line information & departure times
  • Nokia Social updated viagra twitter to 1.5: Automatic linking to Facebook and Twitter New Homescreen widgets Improved preformance Renewed app layout
  • N8 Specific imaging apps Bi Screen Colorize IT PlayTo Gallery Widget (photo wall)
  • QT4.8
  • Ovi services renamed to Nokia services
  • Improved Music Player Refreshed “Now Playing” view Lists are tabbed for easy access, and are swiped between new Artist view Play & Pause from pull down broadway pharmacy status bar (Status only,
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    not toggles)

  • New Widgets Clock, analogue big Clock, Mechanic Clock, Text Calendar, Agenda view RSS Widget Bookmark Contact individual (social upgrades) Contact, group (group support upgrade) Music player, Medium Weather now Weather forecast My location Social widget Facebook, Summary Facebook Twitter Mobile Data Counter Search Email, New arrival Gallery Notes Email, Detailed Toggles (2G/3g, Offline, silent, BT, Cellular)



Windows Phone 8 Features That Will Change The World

Windows Phone 8 will come in September and you’ll see what changes it brings, but before it happens we decided to introduce you Windows Phone 8 top features to frighten Android and iOS fans one more time. If the latter still don’t believe Windows Phone 8 will the OS that will be able to snatch a huge market share from the aforementioned platforms, then I’ll say they are blind, because even many Android-devoted annalists recognize the power of the upcoming operating system.

One platform for smartphones and desktop computers: now developers can focus their forces on one platform and create apps or games that will work on desktop computers and smartphones/tablets as well. This will be in favor of both sides users and developers as well, because the latters will save their time not specializing on a certain platform.

Multi-core processors: Windows Phone 7.5 doesn’t support dual or quad core processors, but WP8 will. The upcoming Windows Phone 8 smartphones most likely will come with multiple cores, which will have impact on Nokia’s reputation.

Screen resolution: Unlike the previous versions of WP, this one will support three screen resolutions, 1280 x 768 and 1280 x 720 and 480 x 800 pixels. Thus watching watching videos and viewing images in higher definitions is not a problem anymore.

Customizable Start Screen: We already know Microsoft will allow users to change live tile sizes in order to give a less size to those that are not used much, while the most important ones will be larger. But we haven’t knew that they will be customizable in terms of colors as well.

microSD card support: Windows Phone 8 will start a new era in Microsoft’s mobile world,  as this version will support microSD cards to help users to expand the memory if necessary.

NFC: Probably Nokia has the most smartphones with NFC chips, but switching to WP the company has lost the chance to launch Lumia handsets with this technology aboard. Microsoft has realized this can be a problem for many users and now Windows Phone 8 handsets will come with NFC support. It will help consumers to exchange data thanks to a simple tapping the devices with each other.

IE10.Internet Explorer 10 will bring better browsing experience to users, because it still remains the most popular web browser in the world.

As you see Windows Phone 8 is armed too well, and I guess it will be easy for this platform to change the mobile world.

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Nokia Lumia 610, 710, And 900 Getting Post-8773 Update

Current Windows Phone 7.5 Mango devices have started getting Tango update a few days ago. But now it turns out Nokia has missed some improvements and didn’t include them into the aforementioned update, because according to the Nokia Connects blog, 8779 OS update is now out for three Nokia Lumia devices.

As you know Tango update comes with 8773 build number. So if the Lumia 610, 710 and 900 that get 8779 update, it will mean they will run another version of Microsoft’s OS. On the whole, earlier we heard several users claiming there is a mysterious 8779 update pushed out to the Lumia 710 and 800. But now when things get some official confirmation, we can say for sure the Lumia 800 is not in the list.

The source has posted some info referring to the update, but you must take it with a grain of salt, because later it became known the latest firmware looks to be 12221 and not 12201 and some of those 710 new features came out with the 8773 update.

  • Lumia 900 version 2175.2101.8779.12201: Enhanced sensitivity for proximity sensor performance and improvement to your phone’s screen colours in low light conditions
  • Lumia 710 version 1600.3031.8779.12180: Internet sharing (Wi-Fi Hotspot) — Share your phone’s internet connection over Wi-Fi with up to five other devices or computers and Flip to silence — Silence incoming calls by turning your phone face down.
  • Lumia 610 version 1066.0000.8779.12201: Enhanced sensitivity for proximity sensor performance and improved sound level for alarm tone during voice calls.

As nothing is known for sure, we’ll keep our eyes wide open and in case of seeing something we’ll share it with you.

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Nokia N9 Getting PR 1.3 Update With More Than 1000 Changes

The Nokia N9 is forgotten and no one is talking about it anymore but owners, in vain; this handset sports many amazing features and runs an unoridnary operating system, which won’t be supported anymore, at least Nokia says so. MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan is the OS the Nokia N9 comes with, and though the world is obsessed with iOS, Andoird and now even Windows Phone, this software could get ahead if one of top companies makes an appropriate attention to it. Unfortunately, we already know nor Nokia neither another company will spend its time on this platform, but this doesn’t mean it is dead. Recently we were talking about rumors claiming Nokia had prepared PR 1.3 and PR 1.4 updates for this phone. Now we glad to confirm those rumors. Moreover, the update is already out and available for download.

A few days ago several users from different parts of the world were reporting they had updated their Nokia N9 handsets to v40.2012.21-3.001.19 saying the updates is 204.8MB in size and brings myriad of changes. They even provided some screenshots with the appointment of their words.  Later Nokia confirmed this news coming up with an official statement:

Hi everyone,

As you might have noted already, we have now started rolling out a new update for N9 to 40.2012.21-3. This software release brings you over 1000 quality improvements, including Mail, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as several small network and connectivity improvements. For more information on the update, you can check out

The update will be released in waves during the next few weeks, firstly to non-branded variants and later on for other variants as well. When an update is available a notification with the icon is shown in the Events
view. Select the notification to view and install the update. Enjoy!

Now when everything is clear, I recommend you to take a look at the changelog provided by Maemo:

The Changelog so far is:

  • file upload now seems to work using the default browser (1)
  • video decoding got improved (1) (2) (3)
  • UI feels alot smoother now (1) (2) (3)
  • Beep profile has an Icon on status bar and standby screen (1) (2)
  • It seems that wireless networks are found much faster than before. In addition the device sees more networks than with PR1.2 (1)
  • Fix for GNOME Bug 662125 – Sharing uses 100% CPU if a client requests a lot of small slices from a media file, most visible symptom is choppy video playback (1)
  • Compatibility fix for XBox360 (GNOME Bug 664184): Previously showed a single song up to 5 times in the “All Songs” list (1)
  • better NFC support with C7 (1)
  • Inception 0.1 security hole got fixed (but there is Inception 0.2 already) (1)
  • Swipe resistance fix for RSS reader app (1)
  • “Fenix not responding” message was renamed to “Mail not responding” (1)
  • certificate-based access in MfE works now (1)
  • Swype keyboard works again properly in terminal (was broken on pr1.2) (1)
  • The browser top sites selection seems to be less laggy coming up (1)
  • Music Player widget on Lockscreen have little shadows at its font. it works nicely with bright wallpaper (1)
  • Camera improvements (out of centre focusing and improved autofocus in low light) (1)
  • New fonts again (1)
  • Nokia Maps positioning is a lot faster when in indoor (1)
  • Twitter app now support timeline & mentions streaming (1)
  • The weather widget background on the notification screen is now transparent (1) (2)
  • Copy/Paste text is more precise now to select (1)
  • Nokia Music store payment bug fixed (1)
  • Various minor performance and layouting fixes were made for the application icons and folders (1)
  • Bookmarks were opened using the previous default browser after changing the default browser (1)
  • Application icons were sometimes incorrectly shown after unsuccessful application installation (1)
  • Some default application names were truncated in some languages (1)
  • Notification timestamps were incorrect in certain scenarios (1)
  • Profile selection did not work after using headset (1)
  • Lock screen did not update when connected to a TV (1)

At the end, we have also grabbed a video with PR 1.3 update on the Nokia N9 for your viewing pleasure. It comes from the UK.

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Windows Phone Tango CAB For Direct Downloads

If you own a Windows Phone-packed smartphone and are waiting for an update that is talked to much, then this is the right time to connect your phone to a computer via Zune and search for them. But if you don’t find anything, you don’t have to worry, because we’re her to help you and hint at those methods that will ensure the desirable result. Well, if you guess I am talking about Windows Phone 7.5 Tango update, which is that popular OS 8773 one. As you know there was only one smartphone running this version of Microsoft’s OS, but the company promised to launch the update in April. Now after two months of delay many users can upgrade their handsets and give them a fresh breathe. Unfortuntaly, it’s not reached to all consumers.

The update brings a few enhancements and some minor tweaks, thus if you haven’t got it, you didn’t lose many things. But if yous till want to update you phone no matter what, then you must download Windows Phone Tango CAB provided by a XDA forum member called bobzero (sounds like Subzero, do you remember him?ahahaha). Well, if seriously this means you will be able to download Tango update files directly from Microsoft.

There can be some difficulties, so I recommend you to read a tutorial posted by Wpcentral, then proceed. Moreover, if you want to get 8773 update, your phone must be on 8112. Once you do it, let us know what happened.

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