32GB Nokia Lumia 900 At O2 Denied

The other day we told you the Nokia Lumia 900 will be launched in Germany via O2. Afterwards we learned the launch date of the phone is set to be some day later this month. But the most amazing news became available ony yesterday, when we saw the Lumia 900 shown on the mobile operator’s web site with 32GB storage aboard. This touched many people and everyone’s attention was directed to this market. However, during a day we heard two contradictory information directly from O2, but now seems everything is in its place.

Firstly, it was said O2 Germany had tweeted as its own variant of the Nokia Lumia 900 will be launched sporting 32GB of native storage. It made many of us remember all the cases when German market was offering Windows Phone handsets with larger capacity than usual. We also started talking about possible super benefits the mobile operator can get. But before the day ends, we were informed O2 has corrected the info on its web page, and now the Nokia Lumia 900 is listed as a smartphone that features 16GB of internal memory like other markets.

Seems the jumble disappeared and now we can note the actual advantages of this model that will be launched in Germany. If you are unaware, it is the color the Lumia 900 will come in.

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Besides the standard black and cyan paint jobs, the phone will be launched in glossy white, which is one of the most attractive colors available in the market.


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