Apple Says Not Every Phone Must Look Like iPhone–Lumia Is The Best Proof

When someone from my friends says the best smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy S or its successors, I ask him to explain why he thinks so. The first thing that Samsung lovers mention is the design. And that time I can’t hold me, because any of Samsung smartphones have the same design as Apple’s iPhone. Moreover, there are many other top manufacturers whose smartphones looks quite similar to the iPhone, say, LG. Probably you’d like to know what handsets I own that differ by their design. I’ll answer, I have two devices—firstly, I bought the Sony Ericsson Xperia Atc S, because I think this is the most beautiful smartphone in the world, then I was disappointed of Android, and when I was looking for better software I stumbled on the Lumia 900. Using a few weeks I understood this is one of

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the greatest handsets created by mankind.

Where I’m going, probably, you know Apple and Samsung are in patent wars for a long time. So yesterday at Apple’s closing arguments in Apple vs Samsung Apple said, “Not every smartphone needs to look like an iPhone.” But what’s interesting it showed the Lumia. This means not only I think that almost all smartphones of Samsung and other top OEMs are just the copies of the iPhone.

Honestly, I don’t like the iPhone at all, because it doesn’t change in time, the only thing Apple does is the improved software. But who said iOS is the best? I can say from my own experience, Windows Phone is the smoothest and the most attractive OS I have met. So let’s thank Apple that it doesn’t slander Nokia.


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