German Mobile Operator Pushing Out Windows Phone 7.5 Tango Update To Lumia 800

We already know the Nokia Lumia smartphones will be upgraded to Windows Phone 7.8 and not to Windows Phone 8. But before

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this version of software is ready to be installed on the devices, Nokia and Microsoft must update the current models to Windows Phone 7.5 Tango, which is delayed for unknown reasons. However, the latest leaks make us hope everything is under the control of Nokia, and the Lumias will be getting their own updates in the near future. Seems this is true, because the first official updates are also out.

The first news referring to Windows Phone 7.5 Tango that is Refresh come from Germany, where one of the local mobile operators is pushing out the aforementioned update for its Lumia 800 smartphones. This is the same 8773 OS update, which brings many improvements and bug fixes that include:

  • MMS can now download several images, videos, voice recordings, ring tones and contain
  • The import and export of contacts on the SIM card is now possible
  • Tethering (Mobile Hotspot)
  • Other unspecified equipment enhancements and bug fixes

I didn’t mention the operator’s name deliberately, because it wouldn’t say you anything. I mean probably you haven’t heard about E-Plus, which simply means Nokia is testing the update before launching it to larger masses. Anyway, the update is on the way, and as German blog notes, they expect Windows phone 7.5 Tango update notification to hit the devices soon.

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