Nokia Arrow And Nokia Atlas Join Nokia Phi

Nokia has announced it will provide Windows Phone 8 smartphones to all major carriers in the US, but after Sprint gave an End-Of-Life status to the HTC Arrive it became clear the third carrier in the States won’t launch any WP smartphone until 2013. Of course, this doesn’t mean the same Sprint won’t come with a Nokia handset next year, but we’d like to see all four carriers with their own Nokia Windows Phone 8 smartphones to make the right choice. However, the rest three carriers are still in game, and The Verge has discovered what devices Nokia will bring to their stores.

We know much about the Nokia Phi. This phone is going to be a high-end smartphone that will be AT&T’s exclusive model. At least, we think so at this stage of.

The next two smartphones are rumored to be the Nokia Arrow—a mid-range device designed for T-Mobile and AT&T as well. Though not that much is known at the moment, the Arrow is said to sport a smaller screen.

The third and the most powerful smartphone is the Nokia Atlas. This phone is designed especially for Verizon, and it’s supposed to be the best Windows Phone ever.

There is no evidence these rumors are true and Nokia has already made three Windows Phone 8 running devices for different carriers, but we can’t say the opposite thing as well. So let’s hope the best and wait for official info.

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