Nokia Lumia 720 vs Nokia Lumia 920

We never stop to wonder how Nokia managed to bring Windows Phone 8 experience to cheaper models. We never stop to wonder how the Nokia Lumia 720 has been designed in the same way as the highest-end Lumia 920. Finally, we still don’t realize how the Lumia 720 packed with those awesome features costs only $325 USD before taxes. To understand what I am talking about, probably you need a visual presentation. Herein we should link to TheNokiaBlog, which has taken several photos with the Nokia Lumia 920 and 720. Both smartphones are in red, so the similarities and differences will be seen regarldess their rate of customization.

Looking at the Nokia Lumia 720 we understand how similar it is to the Nokia Lumia 920. Though there are several eye-catching differences in terms of buttons location, the overall view of both handsets are almost the same.

Costing much cheaper the Nokia Lumia 720 is a perfect option for those who are in love with the top-end Lumia 920 but can’t be affordable for larger masses. Nokia is getting bolder, and for this goal they should lower prices on their Lumia line handsets. But it’s impossible perform when a certain phone sports expensive components. Fortunately Nokia has found the best way for this and the Lumia 720 is the best proof.

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