Nokia Lumia 900 Can Drive Nails

You do continue choosing Android and the smartphones made to run this platform—I will continue rely on Nokia knowing my favorite brand wouldn’t let me down. Though Nokia’s current smartphones are not as popular as Android-based devices and iPhones, it doesn’t mean they are worse. Vice versa, it’s all about promotion and we must admit Google’s mobile operating system and Apple’s iOS become so popular due to well-organized PR campaigns. Well, let’s not go back, but look forward because Nokia Conversations published a video showing how the Nokia Lumia 900 survives a torture test, but saying this I will say nothing, because the video shows how solid the phone is, which is one of the main selling points of Lumias.

As you see the Nokia Lumia 900 is used to drive nails, and when the same nails are driven onto it, the phone continues to act as before. Of course, we don’t recommend you to repeat the same test, because it was made by a professional, plus you will lose your warranty if the nail stuck in the phone’s screen.

Moreover, the same test was done on the Lumia 710, which showed the same result—it continues work properly. This means the Nokia Lumia handsets are very solid and when you buy it you can be sure your money won’t be lost if you accidentally drop down your handset or your baby decide to build an ark using your Nokia Lumia handset.

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