Nokia Lumia 900 Dark Knight Rises Coming In Next Weeks

The Nokia Lumia 900 is launched in different colors, black, white and cyan, but it’s confirmed the phone will be launched in magenta as well. I am not talking about a couple of other color options that can fulfill the pallete. But there is one more variant of the phone that can bring a new breath to the Lumia line.

Earlier we saw the Nokia Lumia 800 limited edition The Dark Knight Rises. It was a specially created handset, which was sent only 40 lucky consumers. This smartphone was made especially for Batman fans and everything in the phone reminds the users deal with an exclusive handset. If you remember the packaging and the housing of the phone were carrying the Batman logo, while the live tiles were running on a dark background with white bats. The rest of features remained the same, thus the company in cooperation with Warner Bros has made the Batman variant of the Lumia 800.

As of now the same thing happened with the Lumia 900, which will be hitting the UK market in the coming weeks, though Phones4U, which is the exclusive carrier of this handset in the country, also claims the phone will be lauched in France and Germany as well. There is no word whether AT&T will be releasing this awesome device for its consumers, but if the latter wouldn’t come up with such an offer, its consumers will be disappointed undoubtedly.


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