Nokia Lumia 900 Via O2 Germany Next Week

The Nokia Lumia 900 is launched in many countries. Its geography includes different continents and different markets, though we must remember this device was initially designed especially for the US. However, those days when the Lumia 900 was hitting the AT&T stores are left behind, as nowadays this smartphone is travelling in Europe. Its next stop is Germany.

The list of those countries where this device will be (is) launched in is too long, though we can note a few of them: UK, Canada, US, Netherlands, Australia, Brazil, the Philippines, China and so on. Earlier we have announced the phone will come to Germany via O2, this time the leaked info confirms it. Moreover, we already know the approximate launch date.

O2 Germany tweeted to a costumer the handset will be available in its stores next week, though it didn’t mention the exact date. This can be supposed as an official statement, but we must take it with a grain of salt. The Lumia 900 will be released in Germany with replaced HSPA+ radio instead of LTE one found on the American models.

As for pricing, earlier WMpoweruser said that the device will be available for €541 (about $684), unlocked or 24 payments of € 22.50 in black, white, and cyan. That’s a bit higher price, than we have been expected, but if O2 is not an exclusive mobile operator and it will come through other operators, we can count on a price discount sometime later.

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