Nokia N9 Seems To Get PR 1.3 Update Soon

When the Nokia N9 got PR 1.2 update by the end of February many consumers were thinking the company will put off any kind of updates referring to this smartphone.Fortunately, there was a leak claiming Nokia will be pushing out PR 1.3 update for this MeeGo-powered smartphone in May. But it didn’t happen, and people owning this handset began thinking Nokia will finish supporting the N9 leaving it with its current version of OS. Now the rumors about the PR 1.3 update are back, and they seem more reliable.

All in all, there are two sources claiming the Nokia N9 will be getting PR 1.3 and PR 1.4 updates. The first rumor comes from Nokia Philippines that has tweeted the N9 will get PR 1.3 soon, while the second one comes from NokioTeca that has been told by a Nokia spokes person that PR 1.4 is planned for the N9. The latter was a few weeks ago, so we can assume it is too far to be true.

However, the Nokia N9 will have no siblings in the near future, and probably never. But this was the smartphone that opened doors for the Lumia 800–if you are unaware, this handsets sport the same housing. Moreover, this design has been confirmed for the upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices. The Nokia N9 is currently overshadowed by Nokia’s Lumia series, but we must thank Nokia for the attention it still pays to this handset.

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