Nokia Phi Will Come In Six Colors?

Nokia’s smartphones have always been known for their design, ruggedness and different colors. The Lumia line handsets were no exception, and those who chose these devices admit the color option has had a great impact on their decision. Seems this tradition will continue in the upcoming Nokia Windows Phone 8 smartphones, and Nokia will provide more color options. These are not just words, as one of WPCentral guys have seen a photo tweeted by Cambo, and decided to share it.

As you see in the photo below, the upcoming Nokia Phi will be launched at least in six colors—cyan, yellow, orange, red, green, and white. Most of these colors are familiar to us, but we

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didn’t think Nokia will do the same with this monster, because the more powerful Nokia’s devices become the more requirements users propose or the manufacturers. However, this doesn’t sound senseless, because Nokia has worked two years on Lumia’s design and it won’t put it aside so soon.

On the other hand, the Nokia Phi is going to be monster my all means, and when we were introducing you the highlighted features of this phone, we showed what features will let the phone to become a leader in the market. That’s a bit unbelievable that Nokia will be able to beat Android and Apple so soon, but looking how precipitously the company restores its positions, we can say this goal is possible to implement.

Well, the time will show whether this photo has anything common with the reality or not, but at the moment I want to hear which color option you will choose for your Nokia Phi.

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