Nokia 301 And 105 With Amazing Features Unveiled

Just a few minutes ago Nokia announced new phones and smartphones at MWC 2013 in Barcelona. We have been waiting for this event for a long time, and I have to say all our expectations were justified. The company unvieled 4 new devices designed for different markets and for people with different incomes. So read on and be sure there is a handset unveiled for you.

The first phone revealed was the Nokia 301. This handset comes with single- and dual-SIM support. All in all, it sports features inherited from Lumias. As Stephen Elop said at the show, Nokia is getting bolder, and one of the ways to implement their goals is to bring those awesome features found on the high-end devices like the Nokia Lumia 920 to “weaker” models.

Nokia 105 and 301

You just have to believe in this words, because the Nokia 301 comes in the same colors as the Lumias—yellow, magenta, cyan, and black. Besides this, it has a Nokia Express browser like the Asha smartphones. The phone also works perfectly with ,  services. It’s the first phone that brings WhatsApp support to a dual-SIM handset.

As for the camera, the Nokia 301 takes great photos. Though it’s too far to be compared with Lumias, there are a few features this handset can boast off as well. One of those specs is the Panorama camera feature known even from Lumia devices. Moreover, this phone can take several snaps to let you choose the best one. But there is another feature I liked the most—the Nokia 301 lets take self-portrait photos thanks to a voice-command assistant. As there is no secondary camera, users should shoot themselves via the one located on the back. But when they hold the phone, they can see whether their face is in the right place. So Nokia decided to add a special assistant that will correct users’ position. After shooting users can upload or share those photos easily.

The Nokia 105 is one the cheapest phones in the world. It costs only EUR 15, but there are many features you can find on another similar handset. Not surprisingly, the phone will be available in cyan and black. It has a color screen, a FM radio, games, a flash light, and amazing battery life. People will have to charge it once a month.

Nokia 105 battery

Both of these handsets are feature phones, but there are several essentials I want you to pay your attention: design, durability, performance, and camera.

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