Nokia Lumia 510 Passes Through Chinese Certification Board

The Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 are on the way and will knock at our doors in coming months, but it doesn’t mean all Nokia lovers can afford them to buy these handsets. This especially refers to the markets with low incomes. China is one of them, but as the country is the larges market in the world it will always be beneficial for manufacturers to meet the demand that is in China. Nokia Windows Phone 7 handsets have been launched in China in past months, now it’s the right time to think on the Windows Phone 8 smartphones. Nokia does it.

Much earlier when Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8 OS, and Nokia said it would launch several smartphones running this operating system, many people were asking whether the Finnish manufacturer will launch handsets with weaker hardware and running the modified variant of Windows Phone 8, which will be pushed out to some current Nokia smartphones in face of Windows Phone 7.8 update. I remember Nokia said it’s quite possible, and now we have a real confirmation on it—the Nokia Lumia 510 has passed through the Chinese telecom certification board.

The Nokia Lumia 510 is identical with the Lumia 610 though the former one sports larger screen and comes with Windows Phone 7.8 OS out of the box, while the Lumia 610 may not get WP7.8 ever. However, this new Lumia device is said to sport a 4-inch LCD touchscreen, a 5MP camera, an 800MHz processor, 256MB of RAM, and it supports GSM/WCDMA/HSPA networks. As for dimensions, it comes at 120.7×64.9×11.51mm and weighs 129 grams.


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