Nokia Lumia 900 Coming To China In June

Three Nokia Lumia handsets are already launched in China and thanks to strong sales Windows Phone could overtake iOS in this market. But probably all Chinese consumers, who have already tried out Windows Phone OS on Nokia smartphones, want to get their hands on the highest-end Nokia Lumia 900, which is the best creation of Nokia and Microsoft. WE already have seen how the phone survives a torture test when a man drives nails on the desk, but I assure you the solidness of Lumia smartphones is not the only advantage. Anyway, I have gladsome news for Chinese smartphone users, because the Lumia 900 is set to be launched in the country in June.

The info comes from Chinese news website Sina Tech. The source claims the Nokia Lumia 900 was approved for use on GSM and WCDMA networks by State Radio Regulation Committee (SRRC) on April 18. Moreover, the phone is supposed to be launched in June, which is reasonable if taking into consideration the fact the international variant of the Lumia 900 is also out.

Nokia launched the Lumias in China with ”c” letter at the end of the naming meaning the phone supports CDMA network. But China is the largest smartphone market and the largest network in the world, thus there several bands supported by carriers. So it’s still not clear whether the Lumia 900 will get the c suffix or will come at the same naming as other non-American models.


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