Nokia Readying Lumia 610 Successor With 4-inch Display

Though many geeks are interested what features the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 will sport and what carrier will be launching them, the others want to know whether it’s true Nokia has prepared the follow-up to the Lumia 610. I think this is more interesting than the news about the Nokia Phi and Arrow, because the latter have been lighten up for more times, while the successor of the Lumia 610 still remains mysterious.

Firstly, the upgraded variant of the Nokia Lumia 610 is codenamed as the Nokia Glory. Probably it will be called the Nokia Lumia 620 or something like that. The Lumia 610 was the cheapest representative of the Lumia line, and it’s assumable its follow-up will be sold at a low price tag as well. At least, we hope the Nokia Glory will be more affordable than many Android phones, because Nokia has such an experience of offering handsets with decent hardware at lower price.

Well, the Nokia Glory is said to sport a 4-inch display at resolution of 480×800 pixels, an 800MHz processor and 256 MB of RAM like its predecessor. Unfortunately, the Nokia Glory won’t run Windows Phone 8, because the company has decided to power it with the alerted variant of the OS, Windows Phone 7.8. Probably the main reason of such a decision is related with hardware the phone will sport. But let’s not hurry, because after less than 24 hours we’ll learn everything.


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