New Camera Features On Nokia Devices

Yesterday at MWC 2013 Nokia announced four new devices, the Nokia 105, 301, Lumia 520, and Lumia 720. All these models are designed for larger masses, so be sure they will sold for affordable prices. Once the phones were announced we introduced you their highlighted features. But today I want to talk about the camera enhancements. There are at least three things I want you to pay your attention, voice-guided self portrait feature on the Nokia 301, Cinemagraph and Photobeamer modes on the Lumia 520 and 720.

That’s not a secret the primary camera on any phone captures  better than the secondary one. Moreover, when there is no frontal camera we used to take self photos with the rear-facing cameras. So almost in all cases we use the rear camera for self-portraits. But do we get good photos? I guess no. So Nokia’s innovative idea in its new feature phone came at the right time. Thanks to the voice assistant users will position themselves to get their faces centered on the viewfinder.

Cinemagraph is one of the coolest camera features on the Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices. It allows users to create partially moving pictures by combining animations and still images. Once the work’s done, users can share it with their friends. It can be performed due to Share button, which allows them to choose between Facebook and Twitter, email or messaging.

Due to Photobeamer users can easily show their pictures on any screen. Shortly, it’s a mobile projector available anytime and anywhere.

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