Nokia Lumia 900 Running Windows Phone 7.8 Shown At Microsoft’s Web Page

Windows Phone 8 is the OS we have been waiting for a long time, I mean Windows Phone 7.5 Mango was also good, but it lack many useful features and doesn’t support for many necessary specs we’d like to see. At first it refers to different screen sizes. Now this software can be run on displays with a resolution of WXVGA at 1280×768 and True 720p at 1280×720. Secondly, Microsoft’s mobile operating system was able to run only on a single-core processors, while now it can support for up to 64 cores. And finally, microSD extension is no problem anymore, though Microsoft has announced its upcoming models will be packed with 64GB native storage. All these features are related with hardware, but we are more interested in those that are a matter of software, because only they can be ported to the current models. I know one.

The most annoying limitation of Windows Phone Mango was the sizes of live tiles. Now they can get three sizes—small, medium and large. This feature will help users to customize their homescreens. Do you want to see how it will look like on the Nokia Lumia 900? Fortunately, we have such an opportunity, as Microsoft has put up a short page informing users of what they can expect. In the page we can also find a video, where the new UI is demonstrated on the Lumia 900.

Though we don’t know the exact lunch date of Windows Phone 7.8 update to the Lumia 900, Microsoft has promised to bring it as soon as possible.

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