Nokia N9 Getting PR 1.3 Update With More Than 1000 Changes

The Nokia N9 is forgotten and no one is talking about it anymore but owners, in vain; this handset sports many amazing features and runs an unoridnary operating system, which won’t be supported anymore, at least Nokia says so. MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan is the OS the Nokia N9 comes with, and though the world is obsessed with iOS, Andoird and now even Windows Phone, this software could get ahead if one of top companies makes an appropriate attention to it. Unfortunately, we already know nor Nokia neither another company will spend its time on this platform, but this doesn’t mean it is dead. Recently we were talking about rumors claiming Nokia had prepared PR 1.3 and PR 1.4 updates for this phone. Now we glad to confirm those rumors. Moreover, the update is already out and available for download.

A few days ago several users from different parts of the world were reporting they had updated their Nokia N9 handsets to v40.2012.21-3.001.19 saying the updates is 204.8MB in size and brings myriad of changes. They even provided some screenshots with the appointment of their words.  Later Nokia confirmed this news coming up with an official statement:

Hi everyone,

As you might have noted already, we have now started rolling out a new update for N9 to 40.2012.21-3. This software release brings you over 1000 quality improvements, including Mail, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as several small network and connectivity improvements. For more information on the update, you can check out

The update will be released in waves during the next few weeks, firstly to non-branded variants and later on for other variants as well. When an update is available a notification with the icon is shown in the Events
view. Select the notification to view and install the update. Enjoy!

Now when everything is clear, I recommend you to take a look at the changelog provided by Maemo:

The Changelog so far is:

  • file upload now seems to work using the default browser (1)
  • video decoding got improved (1) (2) (3)
  • UI feels alot smoother now (1) (2) (3)
  • Beep profile has an Icon on status bar and standby screen (1) (2)
  • It seems that wireless networks are found much faster than before. In addition the device sees more networks than with PR1.2 (1)
  • Fix for GNOME Bug 662125 – Sharing uses 100% CPU if a client requests a lot of small slices from a media file, most visible symptom is choppy video playback (1)
  • Compatibility fix for XBox360 (GNOME Bug 664184): Previously showed a single song up to 5 times in the “All Songs” list (1)
  • better NFC support with C7 (1)
  • Inception 0.1 security hole got fixed (but there is Inception 0.2 already) (1)
  • Swipe resistance fix for RSS reader app (1)
  • “Fenix not responding” message was renamed to “Mail not responding” (1)
  • certificate-based access in MfE works now (1)
  • Swype keyboard works again properly in terminal (was broken on pr1.2) (1)
  • The browser top sites selection seems to be less laggy coming up (1)
  • Music Player widget on Lockscreen have little shadows at its font. it works nicely with bright wallpaper (1)
  • Camera improvements (out of centre focusing and improved autofocus in low light) (1)
  • New fonts again (1)
  • Nokia Maps positioning is a lot faster when in indoor (1)
  • Twitter app now support timeline & mentions streaming (1)
  • The weather widget background on the notification screen is now transparent (1) (2)
  • Copy/Paste text is more precise now to select (1)
  • Nokia Music store payment bug fixed (1)
  • Various minor performance and layouting fixes were made for the application icons and folders (1)
  • Bookmarks were opened using the previous default browser after changing the default browser (1)
  • Application icons were sometimes incorrectly shown after unsuccessful application installation (1)
  • Some default application names were truncated in some languages (1)
  • Notification timestamps were incorrect in certain scenarios (1)
  • Profile selection did not work after using headset (1)
  • Lock screen did not update when connected to a TV (1)

At the end, we have also grabbed a video with PR 1.3 update on the Nokia N9 for your viewing pleasure. It comes from the UK.

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