Nokia Rebrands Its Location Apps To Here

Mobile World Congress is not about smartphones and feature phones, but everything related with them. So it is not difficult to guess new software innovations are welcomed at this show, too. Probably you are aware of yesterday’s Nokia Conference, where the company not only unveiled a few devices, but also talked about new location services. Actually this is the same Nokia-branded location based services, but as Microsoft and Nokia want to get bolder, they should avoid of using Nokia naming. Well, now those services are called Here, which includes Here Maps, Here Drive, Here Transit, and Here City Lens.

The main advantages of this rebranding is their integration. Thanks to sight recognition LiveSight technology users can interact with their smartphones instead of using keyboards, touchscreen, or voice. Here City Lens already uses this technology, and it will be available in Here Maps and Nokia’s newer camera lens, Nokia Place Tag soon. As for the latter, once a photo is taken using this technology, the phone will capture the image and also record the Points of Interest.

All places visited by a Lumia owner will be saved in Here cloud. So it will be accessible from regardless where you are.

The newly introduced Nokia Lumia 520 and 720 already come with this feature out of the box, but as Microsoft and Nokia want to go further, be sure this service will become more and more popular. Here service is already available exclusively in the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.


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