Windows Phone 8 Features That Will Change The World

Windows Phone 8 will come in September and you’ll see what changes it brings, but before it happens we decided to introduce you Windows Phone 8 top features to frighten Android and iOS fans one more time. If the latter still don’t believe Windows Phone 8 will the OS that will be able to snatch a huge market share from the aforementioned platforms, then I’ll say they are blind, because even many Android-devoted annalists recognize the power of the upcoming operating system.

One platform for smartphones and desktop computers: now developers can focus their forces on one platform and create apps or games that will work on desktop computers and smartphones/tablets as well. This will be in favor of both sides users and developers as well, because the latters will save their time not specializing on a certain platform.

Multi-core processors: Windows Phone 7.5 doesn’t support dual or quad core processors, but WP8 will. The upcoming Windows Phone 8 smartphones most likely will come with multiple cores, which will have impact on Nokia’s reputation.

Screen resolution: Unlike the previous versions of WP, this one will support three screen resolutions, 1280 x 768 and 1280 x 720 and 480 x 800 pixels. Thus watching watching videos and viewing images in higher definitions is not a problem anymore.

Customizable Start Screen: We already know Microsoft will allow users to change live tile sizes in order to give a less size to those that are not used much, while the most important ones will be larger. But we haven’t knew that they will be customizable in terms of colors as well.

microSD card support: Windows Phone 8 will start a new era in Microsoft’s mobile world,  as this version will support microSD cards to help users to expand the memory if necessary.

NFC: Probably Nokia has the most smartphones with NFC chips, but switching to WP the company has lost the chance to launch Lumia handsets with this technology aboard. Microsoft has realized this can be a problem for many users and now Windows Phone 8 handsets will come with NFC support. It will help consumers to exchange data thanks to a simple tapping the devices with each other.

IE10.Internet Explorer 10 will bring better browsing experience to users, because it still remains the most popular web browser in the world.

As you see Windows Phone 8 is armed too well, and I guess it will be easy for this platform to change the mobile world.

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