Windows Phone Tango CAB For Direct Downloads

If you own a Windows Phone-packed smartphone and are waiting for an update that is talked to much, then this is the right time to connect your phone to a computer via Zune and search for them. But if you don’t find anything, you don’t have to worry, because we’re her to help you and hint at those methods that will ensure the desirable result. Well, if you guess I am talking about Windows Phone 7.5 Tango update, which is that popular OS 8773 one. As you know there was only one smartphone running this version of Microsoft’s OS, but the company promised to launch the update in April. Now after two months of delay many users can upgrade their handsets and give them a fresh breathe. Unfortuntaly, it’s not reached to all consumers.

The update brings a few enhancements and some minor tweaks, thus if you haven’t got it, you didn’t lose many things. But if yous till want to update you phone no matter what, then you must download Windows Phone Tango CAB provided by a XDA forum member called bobzero (sounds like Subzero, do you remember him?ahahaha). Well, if seriously this means you will be able to download Tango update files directly from Microsoft.

There can be some difficulties, so I recommend you to read a tutorial posted by Wpcentral, then proceed. Moreover, if you want to get 8773 update, your phone must be on 8112. Once you do it, let us know what happened.

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