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AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 Got Display Timeout Options

AT&T’s Nokia Lumia 920 started getting a new firmware update yesterday. The 1308 update is designed for the current flagship of the carrier, but it will roll out for the rest of the world in coming weeks. Not that many things have been changed, but there are a few things I want you to pay  attention to. First of all, it refers to the display time-out, which can be found under Settings>Lock Screen.

Nokia Pushing Out Updates For Lumia 920, 820, And 620

Nokia’s current Windows Phone 8 models are good enough, but this doesn’t mean they can’t become better. I guess you understand I am talking about those different updates that should come to fix this or that bug. Now when Windows Phone is gaining momentum, and manufacturers are working on better devices, Microsoft must think about the performance in its turn. The Redmond-based company is doing so, but Nokia fans should wait for new updates from the manufacturer as well.

Nokia 808 PureView And Other Belle FP2 Smartphones Getting Gallery And CameraUpdate

With launch of the new Lumia devices and those cheap feature phones packing many amazing features many forgot about the first smartphone powered by PureView technology. Moreover, many even don’t remember there is another mobile operating system Nokia is working on. Probably, the mobile world wants to bury Symbian platform a day before the air, but this OS is alive, and those smartphones that run on it now are getting a new update made to improve the Gallery and Camera.

Unlocked Nokia Lumia 920 Getting Portico Update In UK

Many smartphones powered by Windows Phone OS already got Portico update. It happened back in December 2012, but there is at least one device that didn’t get its own portion of this update, and though it may sound oddly, I am talking about the unlocked Nokia Lumia 920. Don’t know what version of Windows Phone operating system this phone runs in other countries, but the British consumers who have bought their smartphones outright are receiving Portico update only nowadays.

Nokia Reading Gets Major Update

We like to write about Nokia Collection apps, because they show how unique Lumia range devices are. Today we have great news for those who live outside the US and own a Lumia smartphone. I said in this way because the States has not been very hospitable towards Nokia, and some of its services are not available in the country yet. I guess this problem will be solved soon, but the US consumers still can’t use such apps as Nokia Reading is, which also has got a major update.

Nokia Lumia 800 Seen Running Windows Phone 7.8

The Nokia Lumia 800 has been spotted with Windows Phone 7.8 aboard. That’s not surprising, but we’ve been thinking the update will first be launched in major markets, while the leaked photos and video come from Poland.

Microsoft will launch Windows 8 desktop operating system very soon. But besides this release the company will also launch Windows Phone 8 OS codenamed Apollo. The latter is said to come with many awesome features that will make Android and iOS look outdated.

Nokia Belle Refresh Update Available For Symbian Devices (Changelog)

If you think the first-gen Symbian phones are dead, then

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I have to disappoint you, because Nokia has pushed out Nokia Belle Refresh minor update to the Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia C7, Nokia C6-01, Nokia X7 and Nokia Oro. This update comes to fix a few bugs, bring HTML5 support, a couple of new widgets, changes to Nokia Maps and other improvements. However, we’ll introduce you the cialis super active reviews complete changelog at the very end.

The update can be received over-the-air or via Nokia suite if connecting the phone to the PC. If you choose the first variant you will have to download only the changed part, which is 12MB in size. But if you want to download the update via PC, then you have to redownload the whole OS, thus 350MB.

Though it’s said all Symbian^3 smartphones will be getting Nokia Belle Refresh update, the Nokia 500 has not bachelor pharmacy online been included in the list, online pharmacy delhi because it will get its portion a bit later, as usual.

Nokia Belle Refresh changelog

  • Nokia Belle 111.040.1511
  • Browser updated to 8.3 Full HTML5 support Offline services
  • Nokia Maps Suite 3.09 Use voice search for Maps & Drive See photos on Map Multipoint routing Explore nearby places from cialys ou viagra Homescreen Public transportation integrated with line information & departure times
  • Nokia Social updated viagra twitter to 1.5: Automatic linking to Facebook and Twitter New Homescreen widgets Improved preformance Renewed app layout
  • N8 Specific imaging apps Bi Screen Colorize IT PlayTo Gallery Widget (photo wall)
  • QT4.8
  • Ovi services renamed to Nokia services
  • Improved Music Player Refreshed “Now Playing” view Lists are tabbed for easy access, and are swiped between new Artist view Play & Pause from pull down broadway pharmacy status bar (Status only,
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    not toggles)

  • New Widgets Clock, analogue big Clock, Mechanic Clock, Text Calendar, Agenda view RSS Widget Bookmark Contact individual (social upgrades) Contact, group (group support http://cialisprice-costcialis.com/ upgrade) Music player, Medium Weather now Weather forecast My location Social widget Facebook, Summary Facebook Twitter Mobile Data Counter Search Email, New arrival Gallery Notes Email, Detailed Toggles (2G/3g, Offline, silent, BT, Cellular)



Nokia Play To Getting Update

Most likely Nokia Collection is the best app set available for a smartphone lineup, because it includes useful apps for any cases. Moreover, they are exclusive and you can’t find them in another market place. One of Nokia Collection members is Nokia Play To app, which is not popular very much because of such apps as Nokia Maps, Nokia Music, Nokia Drive, Nokia Trailers and other are. But Nokia Play To is one of those that can be used everyday, thus Lumia users must know this app has been updated to version 1.4.1 bringing with it enhanced usability and a number of bug fixes.

Firstly it’s popped up on the Nokia Lumia 800, but it’s said all Lumia phones are currently getting a notification that there is an update available for download. However, Nokia Play To is an exclusive app that allows users to show images and videos wirelessly from their phone on other DLNA capable devices, such as HD TV, BluRay Player or even the Media Player in Windows 7.

Unfortunately, there is no changelog yet, but those who have downloaded and installed the update, say there are not that many changes, but several bug fixes are obvious.

If you have not got a notification, I recommend you go to Nokia Collection and check for it manually. It’s often the case that the update is waiting, it simply has been pushed to a notification.


Nokia Weather Updated

We have already told you that owning a Lumia smartphone is beneficial in all cases. It’s not difficult to me and I’ll remind you why it is. Firstly, the Lumia smartphones come in with original design, and each of them

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sports a perfect specs list that appropriates to its category. Secondly, Lumia’s run Windows Phone, which means you use an amazing operating system designed by Microsoft, plus, the Metro UI is the way attractive and intuitive than other user interfaces. And finally, you use special apps that are available in MarketPlace but only Lumia owners can download them, shortly, three-in-one. At the moment I want you to pay your attention to Nokia Weather app, which has got its first update.

This application is available within Nokia Collection and it’s a “suped-up” version of The Weather Channel app. As you know, the latter is available for all Windows Phone devices, and I have to say since it’s been launched in Marketplace, people managed to love it very much thanks to its useful functionality and features.

The app’s availability was limited earlier, but this update brings new regions. On the whole, this is one of the best weather apps, but what’s more important it’s absolutely free for all Lumia users.

The Nokia Weather app shows the usual weather forecasts and radar images, but it also features exclusive augmented reality functionality, where users are able to see pictures uploaded by other users of local weather.


AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 Waiting For Windows Phone 8779 Tango Update

Though no one is thinking about any Windows Phone update but Windows Phone 7.8, AT&T users that own a Nokia Lumia 900 are so suffered that all hints about a new update are gladdening for them. At the moment I have some news that can make them happy, because as WPCentral notes they have already downloaded and installed Windows Phone 8779 update found on Nokia servers.

A couple of days ago the guys over the aforementioned source have found out via Navifirm+ that there are 8779 OS update designed for AT&T version of the Nokia Lumia 900. This simply means Nokia is ready to push out them to the final users, but when it will happen remains “mysteries of History.” I mean that update can be rolled out in hours to days to even a few more weeks.

As to the update itself, 8779 OS update dubbed Tango includes improvements to MMS including multiple messages and audio file support in addition to other minor changes. Plus, the inclusion of new firmware from Nokia should allow some of Nokia’s exclusive apps like Counters and Contact Share to finally work as well as flip-to-silence. Of course, there are not the only changes, as the update includes some bug fixes and enhancements.

Unfortunately, the update is still only on servers, but if you wish you can download and install it, though it will lay only on your risk. I mean you should flash the ROM, which will wipe the device. Moreover, you will need to use the third-part Nokia Care Suite program to do the flash which could damage the phone.

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