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Your Nokia Lumia 800 Against My SE Xperia Arc S

Do you like comparing phones? I guess you do it with your phones every day. So why you can’t do it with me? Today I invite only those users who own the Nokia Lumia 800, because I use the Sony Xperia Arc S, which is a bit “old” phone. Both handsets stand out due to their stylish and attractive design, and if you remember Apple has noted that Lumia and Xperia smartphones don’t look like the iPhone. And this was said at Apple’s closing arguments in Apple vs Samsung, thus the whole world heard this and no one argued. Well, let’s start.

The Nokia Lumia 800 is packed with a 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen at 480×800 pixel resolution. The display is also protected by Gorilla Glass technology and powered by ClearBlacj Display. In comparison with earlier Nokia models, the Lumia 800 sports a better processor clocked at 1.4GHz, though many consumers dislike this feature. Anyway, the Lumia 800 provides smooth performance even with such a processor, so users mustn’t complain on it. As to other features, it comes with an 8MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics, dual-LED flash and autofocus, though the snapper only takes 720p videos. There is no secondary camera on the front and no microSD extension. So users should be satisfied with 16GB native storage and 1GB of RAM. At the end, the Nokia Lumia 800 runs Windows Phone 7.5 Tango, but it’s promised WP 7.8 update with elements of WP 8 will come soon.

Now let’s look at the specs list of my favorite Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S. I am not afraid to call it the most stylish smartphone in the world. I know Lumia users can think in the other way, but looking at the design

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of this phone I understand why I love it so much. Anyway, the Xperia Arc S is equipped with a 4.2-inch LED-backlit LCD at resolution of 480×854 pixels, which doesn’t differ from the Lumia’s screen too much. But Sony has powered this phone with its own Sony Mobile BRAVIA Engine technology and protected it with a scratch-resistant glass. Its processor is identical with the Lumia’s CPU in terms of frequency. Honestly, I am disappointed in the camera, and though my phone sports an 8MP camera with autofocus and LED-flash and the company has powered it with its Exmor sensor, I guess it yields other 8MP cameras. The secondary camera lacks as well. Unlike its rival, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S comes with 1GB of native storage and 512MB of RAM, but the memory can be expanded thanks to microSD card slot. When I bought it the Arc S was running Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread, but Sony pushed out ICS update very soon, and just yesterday I upgraded it to Android 4.0.4 ICS. In this sense, Sony is very attentive.

Finally, I want to introduce you the colors both handsets are available in. The Lumia 800 has been launched in black, cyan, magenta, and white, while the SE Xperia Arc S is available in pure white, midnight blue, misty silver, gloss black, and sakura pink.


AT&T To Push Out Windows Phone 7.5 Tango Update Soon

Nokia has four devices running Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS, but only one of them was launched with Tango aboard. That was the Lumia 610. Currently, all models from Lumia series are getting their dose of Windows Phone 7.5 Tango/Refresh update. Moreover, it’s been also rumored the Lumia 610, 710, and 900 are being updated to post-8773 version. But AT&T has not announced anything till today, and only now we learn the carrier will be pushing out that popular Tango update to the Lumia 900 users at some point in coming weeks.

While AT&T subscribers are waiting for this update that will change the software version to 8773, users in the other continent are waiting for the promised Windows Phone 7.8 update,which will bring some WP8 features.  On the whole, AT&T consumers are not in the best position when it comes to Windows Phone updates, because initially it was rumored the white version will be launched with a new firmware, but close to the release we learned it will come with an old version of OS. I even there was a clarification provided by AT&T why they wouldn’t update their Lumia 900 to the newer version and so on. But this smartphone is the first worthy handset of Nokia launched in the US, so it’s unclear for me why the carrier has such an attitude towards this phone.

On the other hand, people are satisfied with what they have currently, and that’s not only my words but those 96 percent positive reviews left on Amazon.


Windows Phone Tango CAB For Direct Downloads

If you own a Windows Phone-packed smartphone and are waiting for an update that is talked to much, then this is the right time to connect your phone to a computer via Zune and search for them. But if you don’t find anything, you don’t have to worry, because we’re her to help you and hint at those methods that will ensure the desirable result. Well, if you guess I am talking about Windows Phone 7.5 Tango update, which is that popular OS 8773 one. As you know there was only one smartphone running this version of Microsoft’s OS, but the company promised to launch the update in April. Now after two months of delay many users can upgrade their handsets and give them a fresh breathe. Unfortuntaly, it’s not reached to all consumers.

The update brings a few enhancements and some minor tweaks, thus if you haven’t got it, you didn’t lose many things. But if yous till want to update you phone no matter what, then you must download Windows Phone Tango CAB provided by a XDA forum member called bobzero (sounds like Subzero, do you remember him?ahahaha). Well, if seriously this means you will be able to download Tango update files directly from Microsoft.

There can be some difficulties, so I recommend you to read a tutorial posted by Wpcentral, then proceed. Moreover, if you want to get 8773 update, your phone must be on 8112. Once you do it, let us know what happened.

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O2 Ireland Confirms Windows Phone Tango Update For Nokia Lumia 800

Finally, we hear something official referring to Windows Phone Tango MCR3 update—O2 Ireland has approved they have finished testing software in their network, and the update will be rolled out to masses very soon. Nokia Benelux communication manager Jurgen Thysmans has announced on twitter that the update will be delivered via Zune this weekend. I guess this is what we have been waiting for in past days.

Just recently we were talking about a German mobile operator that is pushing out Windows Phone 7.5 Tango to the Nokia Lumia 800 handsets. Before it we had seen leaked Tango ROMs in China and other countries as well, but none of them was confirmed officially. Now when the first official confirmation comes from Ireland, we can afford ourselves to talk about those features that will be comes with this update.

Windows Phone Marketplace app restrictions – Some processor-intensive apps have particular memory requirements, and won’t work on phones with 256MB of RAM.

Podcast/Video Podcast Subscriptions – Managing podcast subscriptions or watching video podcasts on a device with 256MB of RAM will not be possible.

Bing Local Scout – Bing Local Scout won’t feature on a device with only 256MB of RAM.

Fast app/Task switching – The feature differs on Windows Phones with 256MB of RAM in that if a single application uses over 90MB, it will be killed on exit and thus not appear in the task switcher, besides this the functionality will remain unchanged.

SkyDrive automatic photo upload – 256MB of RAM means no auto-upload option, but users will still be able to upload their photos manually.

HD video playback – Some compressed videos will be unable to play due to a lack of codec support on devices with 256MB of RAM.

Background agents – To

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free up RAM for the foreground on such devices, generic background agents will be disabled.

That’s not the all, as Nokia promises to bring many bug fixes and improve the overall performance. So be attentive, because the update can become available every moment. At the end, the Nokia Lumias will be upgraded via Zune.



Telstra Testing Windows Phoen Tango Update For Nokia Lumia 800

I guess no new jersey board of pharmacy one doubts the current Windows Phone handsets will be getting Tango update soon, because there are too many leaks showing how this or that handset runs the latest version of Microsoft’s OS. This time the news comes from Asutralia, where Windows Phone 7.5 Tango that is also known as the Mango Commercial Refresh 3 update is being tested at Telstra.

The MCR3 is not novelty in the country because the HTC Titan, Nokia Lumia 900 and 610 have been launched with this version of WP out of the box. Now it is tested to be pushed out to the Nokia Lumia 800, HTC Mozart buy cialis cheap and HD7, Samsung Omnia W, and LG c900k.

As you see, we have no information when the carrier will be rolling out Windows Phone Tango update to the Nokia Lumia 800 and the rest of WP-based smartphones, but this is just the next viagranoprescription-buy leak we see. I mean there are several other mobile operators in other countries that are currently launching WP Tango update for the Nokia Lumias, and Australian Tesltra is doing what it should do earlier.

Anyway, Tango is one the way and we’ll be able no2 and viagra to upgrade our Lumias to this version. Of course, how long do you take viagra before it works our biggest expectations are related with Windows Phone 7.8 update, but we must understand it won’t come soon regardless the fact Nokia has announced the Lumia 900 will be getting it in a buy cialis cheap few weeks.


Nokia Lumia 610 Comes To KooDo At $175

While American and leading European markets are waiting for fall to see the next-gen Nokia Windows Phone handsets that will be running Appllo announced recently, the rest of world is looking for more affordable deals for current models. One of such offers is coming to Canada via Koodo Mobile, which is Telus’s budget brand. The carrier will be selling the Nokia Lumia 610 for only $175 without any agreement. This is the cheapest price I have ever seen for this handset, and I have to say it might throw many people into confusion, while the Nokia Lumia 610 is better than the price says.

Anyway, as a reminder, the Nokia Lumia 610 is packed with a 3.7-inch touchscreen at a resolution of 480×800 pixels, an 800MHz ARM Cortex-A5 processor with unusual 256MB of RAM, 8GB of internal memory, a 5MP rear camera, WiFi hotspot and it runs Windows Phone 7.5 Tango.

All in all, the selling points of this smartphone are the OS it comes with and those cheap hardware that work smoothly with software. With the help of this combination, the Nokia Lumia 610 is the cheapest entry-level smartphone produced by a top manufacturer. In comparison with the HTC One V and the LG Optimus Black that sport the same hardware, the Nokia Lumia 610 is the way cheaper. It is expected to arrive in time for Back to School.


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German Mobile Operator Pushing Out Windows Phone 7.5 Tango Update To Lumia 800

We already know the Nokia Lumia smartphones will be upgraded to Windows Phone 7.8 and not to Windows Phone 8. But before

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this version of software is ready to be installed on the devices, Nokia and Microsoft must update the current models to Windows Phone 7.5 Tango, which is delayed for unknown reasons. However, the latest leaks make us hope everything is under the control of Nokia, and the Lumias will be getting their own updates in the near future. Seems this is true, because the first official updates are also out.

The first news referring to Windows Phone 7.5 Tango that is Refresh come from Germany, where one of the local mobile operators is pushing out the aforementioned update for its Lumia 800 smartphones. This is the same 8773 OS update, which brings many improvements and bug fixes that include:

  • MMS can now download several images, videos, voice recordings, ring tones and contain
  • The import and export of contacts on the SIM card is now possible
  • Tethering (Mobile Hotspot)
  • Other unspecified equipment enhancements and bug fixes

I didn’t mention the operator’s name deliberately, because it wouldn’t say you anything. I mean probably you haven’t heard about E-Plus, which simply means Nokia is testing the update before launching it to larger masses. Anyway, the update is on the way, and as German blog WPArea.de notes, they expect Windows phone 7.5 Tango update notification to hit the devices soon.

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Windows Phone 7.5 Tango For Nokia Lumia 710 Coming To Many Countries

Windows Phone 7.5 Tango or Refresh (call it however you want) will be pushed out for current Mango-powered devices very soon, but when exactly it will happen still remains unknown. Moreover, Nokia is silent, which means the company has not yet finnished the update, though every day we hear about more and more leaks. Today Navifirm site shows quite amazing info—Windows Phone Tango update for the Nokia Lumia 710 will be launched in many countries via many mobile operators.

As you know this is the last update before Microsoft will start updating the current Windows Phone handsets to Apollo. It will bring WiFi sharing and MMS improvements, among with other small enhancements.

However, SymbianTweet, a web site that has discovered this news claims the update will be available via Zune desktop in coming days. Check out the lists below showing the countries and the carriers that will roll out the update.


  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Norway
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • South Africa
  • Switzerland
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam


  • Mobileone Singapore
  • MTN ZA
  • SingTel Singapore
  • StarHub Singapore
  • Telenor DK
  • Vodafone IT
  • Vodafone Spain
  • Vodafone UK
  • FreeTel Korea
  • Polkomtel PL
  • Swisscom CH
  • T-Mobile UK
  • Vodafone Portugal

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Australian Optus To Offer Nokia Lumia 900 With WP Tango And WiFi Hotspot In Coming Days

It’s already the second time we see the Nokia Lumia 900 running Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh/Tango. The phone was first leaked back in March in Finland. The OS version this handset was running on was 7.10.8773.98, but people forgot about it very quickly, because the company announced the update will be pushed out in the next month. However, it didn’t happen and we continue to monitor the various leaks throughout the world. As a result we have already found out the Lumia 800 with the same OS aboard. This model spotted in Bangkok not that long ago. The  Lumia 710 has been leaked with Tango on board as well, so basing on these leaks we can say all Nokia Windows Phones will be updated to Tango soon. That’s not surprising, but no one knows when it will happen. Seems things are getting hotter, because Windows Phone Tango running Nokia Lumia 900 has been spotted in Australia just recently.

An Australian blog, Peters Kitchen has reported they stumbled across a Nokia Lumia 900 in an Optus store in Australia. According to them, the device was running Windows Phone 7.5 Tango version 7.10.8773.98, and as a proof showed a few photos. Looking at them we can accept the found device actually runs the lat   ts version of Windows Phone.

The phone has not been launched in the country yet, but we can already confirm it will come with Tango and other anticipated features such as WiFi internet sharing built-in. Though Optus is not offering it yet, the phone can be purchased right now from Harvey Norman, which is requiring $699 for it.


Found Nokia Lumia 710 Running Windows Phone Tango

There is only one handset running Windows Phone 7.5 Tango, and no matter how strange it can sound, the name of that device is the Nokia Lumia 610—the weakest smartphone from Lumia series. But we also knew Nokia is actively working on updates and in the near future all Lumias will be upgraded to Refresh. Moreover, there was also a confirmation that all current Windows Phone handsets will be getting Windows Phone 8 Apollo update. Well, Apollo will launch in Fall, and there is much time to hear a lot of speculations on the case, so let’s focus on Tango, which appears more

and more rapidly.

At this time, the leak comes from Canada, where one of the Lumia 710 owners has sent back its handset to Nokia requiring replacing it. After his new unit was delivered, the user found out his phone already runs Windows Phone 7.5 Tango that is version 8773—the same one found on the Lumia 610.

Of course, this is the best hint at upcoming update, though Nokia has not said anything on this occasion. On the whole, users have been waiting for Tangi update starting from April, but it is late and the exact launch date is not known yet. It’s only known the update will bring the Lumias to a new level and will ensure to the growth of their popularity.

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